Stouffer's Dinner Club

I've been saving up these points for the Stouffer's Dinner Club for about 6 months now (Max loves their frozen lunch items). I did bid on one auction, but didn't win. Here is my problem with this program:

1. You bid on something but you have NO IDEA how much other people are bidding, or even how many people are interested. It's all blind.
2. Someone wins, but they never tell you how many points were used to win the prize.
3. Once you bid, poof, any points you commit to the bid are gone for good.

This month there are some cool prizes. I'd go all in with my points to win the laptop for a friend of mine, but I want to know if I have a snowball's chance in hell of winning. It takes freakin' FOREVER to save up these points.

So, anyone out there on the net who has ever won something from the Stouffer's Dinner Club - PLEASE tell me how many points you bid!

Honestly, why don't they tell you? It's driving me batty!


Anonymous said…
Wow. I didn't know about the SDC, but I agree with you that they way they operate sucks! Wish I had some helpful insights for ya.
Unhinged said…
Oh, now WAIT a friggen minute.

You bid with points you've EARNED, don't win the bid, but LOSE your points anyway?!

You'd be better off collecting cans of beer and Coke and taking them in for money.

Or banging your head repeatedly against any ole wall.
Anonymous said…
I didn't even know they had this. But I love their Lasagna! :) Good luck at the next auction! :)
Anonymous said…
That doesn't sound fair to me. Booo!
Sara xxx
Anonymous said…
i've bid on the auctions and not won, but the points went back in to my 'account'. You might want to check with Stouffer's about yours. Currently I have about 1500 points and hope to bid on the flat screen tv.
Anonymous said…
OMG...I save Stouffer points too, get them off Panini's...I always wondered that about the way it worked.

I don't want to bid if I'm just going to lose all my points. :(
Anonymous said…
I've been saving points for awhile now, too, and haven't won anything yet, but every time I've lost an auction, they gave me all my points back. Otherwise, I wouldn't even bother. I currently have 2,000+ points and hope to win the camera this month, but part of me wonders how many people have like 10,000 points and I don't even have a chance! :( I've stopped buying as many as I used to because the prices went up and I'm not sure it's worth it anyway.
They put the points back in your account. I do think they should list the winning bid amounts. If you don't want to play anymore, donate your points to me!
Anonymous said…
You do get points back if you lose
the bid, I did.
I have over 2000 and going to try
again next month.
Bigriver in Sacto.
Anonymous said…
You can get your points back. Just go back to that item and hit Cancel Bid, and you'll get them all back. But I do agree that their auction system is kinda... not good. It would be nice to see exactly how many points are being bid, rather than "There are 62 bids ahead of yours." I have over 2,000 points and I tried bidding all my points on each of the auction items, and there were always bids ahead of me. And this month's auctions are quite... bland. I almost wonder if it's some kind of scam. I too would like to hear from an actual winner.
Anonymous said…
I think the powers to be are thinking of also giving the option to just buy items with points. I think that would be the way to go. I assume with the auction its less expensive for the company. I agree that please show us the amounts the winners use when winning a bid!

LT said…
I am disgusted with SDC. I have spent loads of time keying in codes only to have them disappear! I needed my password, when SDC emailed my password they also deleted all my points so now I am back down to 100! I am disgusted and finished with them. Also, I think the winners of the auctions must work at recycling centers or something. I know there is no way I can realistically reach the number of points the winners have!
Anonymous said…
The points go back into your account. If you have lost your points after bidding you need to contact them. The faq reads
3.2 How are Dinner Club points deducted from My Account?
If you are a winner of an online auction, the amount of your highest bid will be deducted from your account. No points will be deducted if you don't win an auction.
Anonymous said…
I won a $100 gift card with a bid of around 2000 points. Later I won six webcams with a bid of around 3000 points. I recently lost out on a $500 gift card with a bid of over 8000 points! You have to figure that as time goes on, there will be more and more bidders with ever-increasing point totals to bid with because they haven't won anything yet, as well as accumulating more points from buying more dinners. I usually buy a couple dinners each week and have a friend who gives me her points.
MommyDearestof2 said…
Every time I have bid and I do not win, I get my points back. I don't know why you didn't get yours back, but everyone else I have talked to gets theirs back too. It does tell you when you bid that there are other bids ahead of yours, meaning 300 or so people have bid higher than you.
Anonymous said…
i bid on the SDC auctions too but i have never won a single item. i have bid over 3,500 pionts on some of the top prizes and no luck still!! i have stopped buying the dinners and i will keep bidding until i win something, i have a health problem now from eating too many of the dinners too much sodium in the meals!!! take a look you will be shocked !!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
to the person who won a $100 dollar gift card you said you have bid on items and i totaled the points you said you bid and it was a total of 13,000 points that's 650 meals!!! who eats 650 meals of that crap? you better have you colesterol and sodium levels checked because they are both way too high to eat that many frozen meals, this stuff will kill you !!!
Anonymous said…
I buy Stouffers frozen foods relatively often, so I came online to see if it was really worth doing the dinner club. After reading comments on several websites, I figure it is not worth my time and energy to do it. I figured that I may as well give someone the one code that I have saved though. It is M3TNT7P33J36 so the first person to put it in can have the points. Thanks for the comments.

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