I'm an old school geek... That being said, I do enjoy much of the new-fangled Web 2.0 social media stuff; I just don't have time for most of it. But, can someone explain Twitter to me? Maybe I'm just not the right target for this widget. I can't think of a single person who would be interested in what I'm doing or thinking from one minute to the next. Who has time to update that thing frequently enough to make it interesting? Of what use is it? I guess I just don't get it.

Or maybe I'm too boring and it's designed for people photographers in a war zone? Or famous movie actors in the process of making a blockbuster? I would read Twitter feeds from someone like that. Yeah. But people like that don't Twitter, that I've seen. :-) Instead it's a bunch of dullness like this:

person: I'm tired.
person: I ran out of milk. Need to go to the store.
person: Just got back from the store. Bought a bunch of stuff. Forgot the milk.
person: Feeling congested.
person: It's quiet today. Where is everyone?

Oooo. Riveting!

Updated: OK, I found Wil Wheaton's Twitter feed. His is interesting. So...there's one.


Donna. W said…
I SO agree! A couple of bloggers I follow have added twitter, and I just wonder, "What's the point?"
The only use I've found is when you include a link to your latest blog entry. (It automatically converts a typed URL to a link.) But it's also used as a sort of broadcast IM, which can be handy for realtime updates to a group, as when antiwar protesters used it recently to let people know where certain events were taking place and more bodies were needed, traffic problems, police involvement etc. Ask Shelly and Julie for more insights on this. Also, it's more fun if you're following more people, I'm discovering.
Chris said…
I'm waiting for Apple to introduce their competing product. I think they are calling it Apple Fritter.

Ok....I'm going to my room now.
Anonymous said…
I just learned something here today. Didn't even know I didn't know what a twitter was. Sheesh! My life is far too boring for a twitter!

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