Virtually Pacing the Floor

OK. Amazon is not exactly on my shit list, but they have ticked me off pretty well. So far, I have my new camera CF card, a new lens filter, a spare battery, a new camera bag...but no camera. The ONE item I made sure the site said was "in stock" and it hasn't shipped yet. Argh! The last time I looked the shipping estimate said January 28th - February 12th. WHAT?! I have to wait a MONTH to play with my new toy?!?! In what universe is that "in stock"!

In the meantime, I'll just have to continue to use the old Canon point-n-shoot. It's served me pretty well, so far.

Waiting for a Strike

Tyler shows off his unique bowling style at his pal Liam's birthday party this weekend. Shhh, we won't mention the fact that he is totally over the foul line.

On to another topic. I recently made a comment in Ree's "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" blog and made the mistake of checking the email me if there is a response to this comment option. What I got was an email EVERY TIME someone commented on that post after I did. My lord, how does that woman have time to pee, never mind do anything else all day. I was staggered at the number of comments one pot roast recipe posting received. Wow!

I was also beset with a serious case of blog envy. I don't want THAT many readers, honestly. But a few more would be nice. Yes, yes - I've read John Scalzi's advice on how to increase the number of readers to your blog. I'm pretty sure that Ree doesn't have time to visit hundreds of blogs each day. I know I don't. I'm open to some more ideas.

What I know I need to do is take a serious look at the blog itself. Ree's blog has a very appealing template. Is mine too blah? Ree posts just about every day. I only post when I have something interesting to say. Am I boring? I don't want to be boring.

Help! I could use some honest opinions. What do you want to see/hear more of? What is appealing about this blog? What is dull and uninteresting? More photos? More videos? More mental breakdowns? Be frank. You won't hurt my feelings.

My new year's resolution is to transform this humble little journal into a rock star personal blog by the end of the year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :-)


Donna. W said…
Ree has said in her question-and-answer posts that she doesn't read other blogs (no time). She's had a lot of help getting famous, too. She won some contest or other, which got her a lot of attention.

I think her sense of humor is what drew me to her... that, and the fact that I love farm and ranch topics. But notice, she really doesn't need much fodder for an entry. She'll just post a bunch of pictures and make up stories about them. I say it's the humor. Also, she's living a life that is strange and novel to a big percentage of folks; I'm sure that attracts people.

The best way I've gotten new readers (and I don't have an astounding number of them) is by commenting in journals of like-minded folks; then they visit my blog, and if they like it, they'll return.

I could give you links to blogs of people like you who are living their lives taking care of their kids, and they're just as interesting as Ree. "Because I said so" and "Rocks in my Dryer" are examples. Also "Toddled Dredge".

It's still the sense of humor that keeps me going back.
Anonymous said…
Just keep writing good, funny posts. Try to comment when you can. And I think a completely different, non-blogger template could help set you apart from the crowd. But what do I know? I'm not famous yet either.

No matter what you do, I'll keep reading.
Astaryth said…
My poor little blogs (AOL & Blogger) are mirrors of each other, and even with both of them I don't get very much traffic {{shrug}} If I lived someplace exciting like Dee (or heck, just took pictures as good) I'm sure I would have more people reading me... but I'm just an ordinary person LOL!

I like your blog just the way it is... but if you want to change the header and background, I'll help you out. It's really not hard... the hardest part is -deciding- what colors, headers, etc you want ;p
Anonymous said…
part of the problem with your blog is the difficulty of makming comments and the number of hoops one has to go through ............
a better place would make a difference.

I have blogs all over the place and some I host myself and none make you go through these hurdles to comment.

Becky said…
OK. Turned off word verification. Let's see if that makes things easier. I know some folks (hi hubby) need reading glasses and that extra step can be a pain.
Anonymous said…
Becky... for me it's not what the blog looks like, it's what is written. You always have something interesting to say, I love reading your thoughts, hearing about your family and seeing your photies. For me, you don't have to change a thing m'dear :o) I haven't been reading anywhere much for a while, am just now starting to do that again. So, watch out for more regular comments from me :o)
Sara xxx
Anonymous said…
I love your blog just like it is. If you change it I will still read it.I read your blog because you are down to earth, funny,and intersting someone I would love to have next door.
I like the changes to the comments, now I can comment more often.
Liz said…
I think you're blog is perfect, sweetie! It's mine that needs the facelift. The only thing i might suggest is to blog more often...even if you think it's trivial. Sorry I can't give you more direction...hard enough with my 1 "club~hand" to do more right now,

~~Aunt Nub~~
Anonymous said…
Your blog is fine just the way it is. Don't stress about the number of readers you have or don't have or you will end up like me...not blogging at all. I couldn't compete;)
I am still trying to get my footing again but fear I will be writing to myself yet again:(
Oh, and thanks for losing the extra hoops. I didn't comment for a long time because of it too.
April said…
Okay, here's what I like when I visit a blog.

-interesting blog title and name
-some photos

I don't have time to read long posts unless I get sucked in.

I think Ree does an amazing thing where she winds a thread through her posts, all her readers know she's a middle child, red head, food snob, lived in LA etc.... she especially does this with her love story posts, but you'll find it in nearly all her writings.

I hate telling people more than once about something in my life and I'm too lazy to build on my previous posts, plus I don't like to write about the same stuff day after day, but I can see the benefit. Her readers think they know her by reading those familiar little quips.

That's my two cents. I don't do anything to promote my blog. But, my sister is doing a great job with advertising and getting on blog roll lists, blah, blah, blah. It's too much for me.

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