Bye Bye!

I've had- two entries of morning videos, the final one where I tried to get Max to say bye bye to the camera. As I said, this came back to bite me later. Max took me at my word and just prior to nap time, he brought me his coat. This is what happened:

Awww! Too bad it was way too cold out for bye bye. But, shhhh! The boys are going bye bye later today to their favorite indoor play place. They haven't been there since Tyler's birthday party. This should make them both very happy. :-) Just don't tell Max before I get him to nap, or I'll get another bye bye meltdown. LOL


Anonymous said…
how cute! I love his big eyes.
Bless its heart he wants to go play. I bet he will love summer when he can get out in the sandbox and swing.
I am tired of the cold too.
Tyler is so funny..seems like a happy little guy.
Anonymous said…
It's way too cold around here for playing outside. :-(

Max is adorable even when he is having a bye bye meltdown.

Anonymous said…
Bye bye byeeee!
I should try that one on J, I'm ready to take him to school but he's dragging his heels :o)
Max is so cute, bless!
Sara xxx

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