Morning Madness - Part 2

I took several videos yesterday morning and thought I would spread them out over several entries. (I don't want everyone to be overwhelmed with cuteness.) In this segment, Max has finally awakened and joins Tyler and I in our morning routine, already in progress.

Yep. Max knows what he wants and he's not hesitant to just go for it. Here is another example. Max decided some time ago that the food on Mommy and Daddy's plate tastes much better than anything in his bowl. Since then, Mommy got smart and just pretends that what ever I make for Max is really MY breakfast, lunch, dinner. You get the idea. He thinks he is soooo slick when he swipes Mommy's food.

Note the look of confusion at the end of the video when I start telling Max to say "bye bye". You can just tell he is thinking, "Mommy? You are going bye bye? NOW? Where the heck are you going???" This will come back to bite me in the ass later. Stay tuned for the bye bye video.

Oh, and one other thing to note. See the cute brown outfit Max is wearing in these videos? It's by Baby Soy - yep, made from soy beans. I get a kick out of it's biodegradable goodness. But that's not the thing to note. That outfit is a Rubik's cube of snaps. When I went to nap with Max the night before, he was wearing something entirely different. John fetched the baby when he woke from his nap and let me continue sleeping. I woke at 3am the following morning. I guess I was tired! Anywho, when Max got up at 8am he was wearing this Baby Soy outfit with it's 82 snaps in this odd yet cool asymmetrical configuration with extra snaps down the sides and around the crotch. It takes me 20 minutes to figure out what snap fastens where; so I was really impressed that John had figured it out on his own. I should tell him so. He likes it when I recognize his skills at things like outfit matching and correct assembly of baby-type items.


Donna. W said…
That was fun!
Astaryth said…
Your kids are always adorable!

I watch Torchwood on BBCAmerica. If you get a chance to watch, it does help to see them in order as some things carry over into other episodes. I understand the 1st Season is coming out on DVD soon. I like it, but it isn't for everyone... my G just doesn't get it at all.

I'm with you on Flash Gordon.. I can't seem to get into it. I was disappointed about the Dresden Files. If you get a chance, the books Rock! I haven't gotten into Dr. Who for some reason, usually a show (or book) series just clicks for me, or doesn't.

I think I read and play on the internet way more than I watch TV, so I'm pretty safe from all the strike stuff ;p
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed watching the videos, the expression on Max's face when you told him to say bye bye was priceless. The outfit looks challenging to get on but sure is cute.
Anonymous said…
The expression on Max's face reminded me of my boss when I told him I was moving from CA to WA. The look was priceless. I enjoyed watching them.

Nettie said…
gotta love tyler's "input" in the background, lmao! lol
Anonymous said…
"This house is always full of joyfull screaming".

That made me do a lol :o)

Great video's Becky, I now want a bowl of Mommy's cereal!

Sara xxx

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