I'm not allowed to get motivated...

So, yeah. Yesterday I lit a fire under my own butt and got busy moving my old journal entries into Blogger. I was going at a good clip and had done about a month's worth when suddenly I was stopped cold. Blogger put the "word verification" whammy on me! I guess my sudden activity got the spammer police on my ass. *sigh* I was in the groove! Talk about a buzz kill.

I kept going, as long as my children would allow. I still have about 3 months left. Not too shabby! And it looks like the whammy is gone today. (We'll see if I can post this.)

Now, for the answers to my sort-of quiz from the other day.

1. Frak - from Battlestar Galactica people. I thought that was an easy one.
2. Frell - a little more obscure. From the SciFi show Farscape.
3. dor-sho-gah! - that's Klingon.
4. Shazbutt (or shazbot)...Mork's favorite curse word on Mork & Mindy
5. Shards - from the Dragonriders of Pern series (not TV, books)
6. tanj! - from Larry Niven's Ringworld series (also books)

Now I'm going to get the frell out of here and go watch frelling American Idol (or as Tyler calls it, "The Bad Singer Show").

I feel like I am forgetting something I wanted to talk about here. I hate that...

Later: I remember one thing I wanted to mention. I knew my pal Karen would get most of these. She just doesn't speak Klingon or read Larry Niven (apparently). LOL good job Karen.


Anonymous said…
Frakin' good entry m'dear :o) Grins at being able to curse right here in your blog.
Sara xxx
Anonymous said…
Science fiction stuff, I should've asked Sonny if he knew those words and didn't think about it. Oh well.

American Idol huh? I might try to catch that this year.

I read one Niven story over 30 years ago. It didn't take. And the only Klingon I ever memorized was a line from the Universal Studios Star Trek Adventure show, which they would use to mean about three different things.

Hey, did you ever make it downtown? You kind of promised me an MPS entry!

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