It's a BOY!

Photos of our day's adventure here:

And here's baby Max!

Baby Max is Here!


Anonymous said…
He's beautiful Becky.I'm so happy for you all.Congrats !!!!
Shari said…
He is beautiful!
I love the name. Congrats again Becky, Jon & Big Brother Tyler!
Astaryth said…
Hello MAX! You found yourself a great Mom, Dad and Big Brother!

Becky-- He is absolutely adorable.. I loved all of the photos AND the video. I'm so happy for all of you!

He is soooo gorgeous. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Congratulations all of you!
Did I use enough exclamation points??

Barbara said…
Congradulations. I am so happy for you guys. He is adorable.
Emily Suess said…
That's one blessed little man! Congratulations on your new addition. Lots of love an happiness to you all.
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you all!! The look on John's face is priceless and says it all. This kid has found a great family! Congrats again. When you have time you will have to share how hectic it was to get ready for him to come home in 24 hours!
Sara said…
Becky... I am SO happy for you, and John and of course big Brother Tyler! Huge congratulations, and welcome to the world little Maxwell Robert :o) Happy tears, sob ;o) I can't wait to hear all about him, and to watch him grow via your journal. Love to you all.
Sara xxx
Anonymous said…
Big hug from Stuart!!!!!!!!!
Donna. W said…
Of course we expect many pictures now! God bless you and yours. What a sweetie. Are you going to call him Max?
Robbie said…
Wow! So quick about things! I think it is awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Welcome to the world Maxwell!
Unhinged said…
Congratz to you all! (Wow. Life can sure change fast, huh?)

He's a cutie. But of course.
Laura said…
i knew it!!!
oh my god i am crying happy tears right now for you becky!
max is all are! what a beautiful family.
big hugs to tyler!!!! i know you will be an amazing big brother for max. how lucky he is to have you, tyler!
ohhhh....i wish i was there, i'd hug you all.
HollyMomWife said…
omgosh! How exciting! I am so happy for you!

I have tears of joy over here for your entire family!

Congratulations! He is so precious...and so lucky to have such a nice family!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!!! congratulations becki and family!!! i am so happy for you all!

Pickle Jenn said…
Becky, I don't usually comment in your blog... but I've been reading you since Jland...

I just had to say Congrats.

He is beautiful.

I hope you all are enjoying him!!

And tell Tyler Congrats on being a big brother :)

Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Tyler has a little brother yay. Max is so beautiful. Found my way to your journal via Sara Smiles
Anonymous said…
OMG, he's adorable...and I'm so happy for ALL of you, Becky!! What a wonderful surprise, what a wonderful week, what a wonderful addition to your family....

Maxwell is one lucky little guy!! I wish you all the best, always.

:) Carol (aka Lazarai)
jennifer said…
YaHoo!!! Congratulations Becky and John. And Tyler! And little Max, who doesn't know it yet, but is pretty much the luckiest little boy on the planet.

I'm so very happy for you. Heck, I just got put in a very good mood.
Oh Becky,I am so glad for you and John and Tyler. I Believe that Max has lucked out-and he is gorgeous! The look on John's face as he held the baby speaks volumes for all of you.
Thank you for the kind wishes for my surgery. I know how busy you will be, especially since Meg's daughter Myla is so close in age!
Much love to all four of you, Margo
Mandy, Shelby and I were cooing over the video, going, "OHHHH!!!" he is so adorable!

Resend me your address when you get a chance...

love, Kas the cyber auntie
Anonymous said…
Ohhhhhhhhhh Becky! How exciting! This is WONDERFUL! Max is so handsome and watching his little face while you filmed him, had me in tears! Such an adorable little guy. Thank you for sharing your excitment with us. Wishing all of you the very best. CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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