Halloween Thoughts

Tyler was very indecisive on his costume choice this year. He didn't seem to care and couldn't narrow his choices down. Actually, he seemed to dislike every costume he looked at. Finally, a few weeks ago, he said, "Mommy, can I just be SpiderMan again?" Well...yes and no.

His old SpiderMan costume was from a couple years ago and waaaaay too small. So I found one he liked on Ebay and won the auction (what a steal!) So, there you have it. He's going to be SpiderMan. Again. So we'll be skipping the annual vote for Tyler's costume tradition this year. I'll just do a big reveal on Halloween night with a fresh Trick or Treating video and photo.

I do have a special outfit for Max to wear when we answer the door on Halloween. That will be a surprise too.

Now I just need to find the time to put together all those treat bags! Good grief...there goes Max. Time for another bottle!

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Just for grins... This is the photo I used on Max's Thank You cards. I hope they arrive soon.


BosieLadie said…
Ohh! He's just precious! Tyler will make a great second time Spider Man, can't wait to see his pics.
Donna. W said…
He sure is a fine-looking little guy.
jennifer said…
How much do you wanna bet Tyler will, on Monday night, want to be Batman? ROFL Oh well. I vote for Spiderman anyway.

Lovin' that little face!
Oh, he makes me want to smell his head.

I found out that my camcorder will not work with the computer since it is eleven years old and not digital.
So I am bugging Dave for a digital camcorder.
Oh wise technical goddess, is there anything I had absolutely better make sure the new camera has?

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