I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got back from picking up Tyler from school on Thursday. John's boss had sent us these flowers:

It's a BOY!

Aren't they cute? I thought that was really nice of Keith (or most likely his secretary). LOL!

My MIL left in the afternoon on Thursday. I miss her already! She may not think so, but she was a huge help. Just being able to take a little nap each day made a big difference in how I felt. Now it's Saturday and I'm BEAT. I actually cried last night when Chili's screwed up my dinner take-out order. Talk about crying over spilt milk! I think my PMDD is acting up again. Or it could be just plain exhaustion.

Grandma snuggles

Tomorrow my parents are coming down and my mom plans to stay for the week. We'll see how that goes. Unlike my MIL, my mom doesn't just "do". She waits to be told. She also doesn't attempt to find things on her own or help herself; she asks. That can get on a person's nerves when they are sleep deprived. I am praying for an extra dose of patience this week.

Tyler is starting to show some classic signs of jealousy. He's been very possesive of his things and space. He is being a tad uncooperative and is acting out a bit. He's been clingy, especially to his Dad, and is craving attention. But all are mild and manageble. He's making good progress.


Astaryth said…
Those are cute flowers! And I hear you about the being tired thing. I think that is one of the things most mothers all have in common.... If you have a newborn you are tired {LOL}
And, I understand Tyler's point of view entirely. My Mom says that when she was pregnant and they told me about the baby I told them, "But, I want to be an only child!" I was 3 {LOL}. Then, they brought him home. They let me feed him, help dress him, etc and after about a week I asked "When is he going back to the hospital where he belongs". But, I love him to death now.
Cynthia said…
Good luck with your mom next week!
Barbara said…
Those are beautiful flowers. Johns mom sound like a wonderful help. I hope Tyler enjoys being a big brother soon. Good luck with you mom next week.
Great grandmother picture! And now I'm caught up on your momentous news! Good luck with your mom and sleeping and all that!
BosieLadie said…
I'm glad your MIL's visit was so helpful, love the photo! I'll send positive thoughts your way for the coming week with your mom. It can be tough, but remember, take one day at a time, don't expect anything, and you may be happily surprised by the end of the week. I'm sure your mom wants to be part of the love and joy of your new son. If you get a moment, let us know how it's going. Take care of yourself.
Donna. W said…
Tyler's jealousy is normal; I wondered when it would kick in.

I remember that awful feeling of being awakened from a sound sleep by a baby's cry, and thinking, "Oh no", then feeling guilty for thinking that. Take it from someone who is 62, these days will be over before you know it, and you'll be wishing for just one of them back.
Your MIL looks wonderful with the baby. I am glad she was there for you. I am sorry your mother is less helpful, less supportive, etc. Direct her to take Max oeriodically so you can sleep! I think of you four often, and am sure Tyler will be fine, once thr shock of sharing you two wears off. Margo
Chris said…
I am very lucky with both sets of parents.

The flowers are gorgeous and such a cute way to display them!

Get some sleep!

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Nancy said…
You're lucky to have a MIL like that. Treasure that's a winner.

Anonymous said…
Nice flowers and what a great way to display them. Io love your MIL picture with Max. Maybe your PMDD isn't acting up again, maybe it's the thought your mother is coming. I'm sure Tyler will adjust, he's a smart little cookie. Don't let mom get to you.
Vivian said…
What a great floral display! And the pic of your MIL w/Max is priceless. Ty is adjusting...he'll be OK. You know what you're up against with your mother so guide her well and take full advantage of her ability to be given tasks to help you while she's there so you can get some rest.
jennifer said…
Hope you're sleeping! Same to you Max. And that wagonload of flowers is the cutest thing ever. What a thoughtful boss.
Anonymous said…
The wagon of flowers is adorable but not nearly as adorable as Max! He's simply to precious. I hope you get some sleep and rest, Max too of course. Wishing you all only the best.

Those flowers are adorable!!!
Shari said…
What cute flowers! Good luck with your mother next week.
I'm afraid that Anthony will be jealous of this little one too. I'm crossing my fingers that it will be managable as well. I'll be looking for some pointers soon I'm sure ;)

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