Alone again...

We have the house to ourselves again. Whew! Dad came to get Mom and take her home. All in all, I'd say it was a pretty good visit. She came through this time and even changed poopie diapers and let me take naps. Woo hoo! I think I'm actually gonna miss her.

John is on vacation this week, so I'm not without help just yet. One more week of going back to bed in the mornings. Yay! Max is a good baby, but he's got baaaaad gas problems. He makes grunting and growling noises in his sleep that keep me up alllll night long. Poor kid. I bought some "Gripe Water" based on a recommendation. Not sure it's working. I've just been trying it during the day to see if it makes a difference. Maybe I should try nights instead.

Anyone got any good anti-gas remedies? And yes, we burp him frequently during feedings. I'm starting to fear he has a problem with lactose like his big brother did. Or reflux. When this kid spits up, some times it's so bad it comes out his nose! Yikes!

I took some cute photos tonight, but need to get them off the camera. Later... It's 3:30 in the morning. I can't sleep. Max is being too noisy. I am using the laptop in bed. Man, I love this thing. Suddenly it's really coming in handy.

Geesh I am all over the place tonight. Lack of sleep is making me blather. Oh! Went shopping at the Carter's Outlet yesterday. OMG! I found matching outfits for Tyler and Max that will make a PERFECT Christmas portrait! I'm so excited about that! I just have to come up with a clever pose for them this year. I'm thinking of simulating snow with this fluffy white blanket Ty has...maybe have them sit in a sled. We'll see. LOL!

Does Ty have a sled?? I can't remember right now.


OK. Time to try sleeping again. But I know as soon as I get cumfy, Max will start fussing. He has "oh no you don't, sleep for you!" radar! I swear!


jennifer said…
Well there you have it! Another good use for newborns: Middle of the night postings!

Good to hear the visit from mom was productive and that John will be home with you, but total ick on the gas. Sounds like lactose from my experience. Seems like every newborn I've ever known has had to take soy.

Hope Max shut down the radar. At least for a few hours.
Chris said…
I love going back to bed in the mornings:)

Antigas? Do they make "baby-Beano"?

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Astaryth said…
Boy, that sures sounds like lactose intolerant..... Luckily they have some really good non-dairy baby formulas these days.. maybe ask his Doc about switching to one of those and see if it works!

Does warmth (i.e. laying against you) seem to help him? You could maybe try one of those rice filled microwave heating things and lay him across it.... Just trying to think of things you might not have tried {g}

Hang in there, this too shall pass... they grow and outgrow things so fast!
BosieLadie said…
I'm so glad your mom's visit was nice. I'm sure she loves you with all her heart, and only wants to help. She's probably really, really proud of you! Nap as often as you need. Glad John is home this week. Happy to hear from you. You're doing great!
Congrats on a nice visit.

Hope his little gassy time passes quickly, har har har.

Pickle Jenn said…
I've heard Gripe Water (usually can be found at Target, Babies R Us) works really well with gassy babes.

Good Luck.

Mylicon drops are GREAT!!! They are simthecone (spelling??) and DH the pharmacist says they do not interact with anything in the body so they are very very safe...we used them all the time with Shelby and they worked like magic. She would be gassy, give her the mylicon, she would poot like a machine gun and then smile...she hated the generic one, though, only wanted the more expensive one, which did taste better (like vanilla)
I'm glad things went well with your mom. Sleep, Becky! (I should talk, right?) Good luck with the gas. As you know, I have zero experience in this whole baby thing, so I have no authoritative advice whatsoever.

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