Another bit of Day Out photo journalism...

We had a nice visit to our favorite farm to do some berry and peach picking. It was a little too hot for me, so after taking some photos, I made a bee-line for the picnic tables (under a nice shady tent). It was fun to sit and people watch while the boys were picking berries.

It was a veritable United Nations under that tent! Every table had friends and family speaking different languages...Japanese, Chinese, Hispanic, Russian, French and one family who spoke a language I had never heard before.

The Japanese family left one new mom and her baby girl under the tent as they went off to pick fruit. I couldn't help but grin and stare longingly at her adorable baby. She was so cute in her little pink sundress and soft sandals.

I also watched as a woman, wearing a peaked Chinese rice farmer's hat, led her two beautiful Chinese daughters into the field. She was not Chinese...so the story in my head told me she had adopted her girls in China (and picked up the hat while she was over there). I started wondering why we had decided not to look into adopting from China. I'll have to double check. They may have an age or weight limit that disqualified us. I don't quite remember.

When the boys returned with a full container of black berries, Tyler announced he wanted ice cream. So John went off to pick raspberries on his own while Ty and I had an ice pop break. Frozen treats cooled us both off nicely! Then it was off to the peach tree grove to look for ripe peaches. It was a long trek up a steep hill, so I took my time with it. Took some photos of the flower fields along the way and John pulling Tyler in our borrowed red wagon.

It wasn't easy to locate peaches ready for picking. The trees had many unripe ones, but all the ripe ones on lower branches had been picked over well. When we were finally satisfied with our haul, we headed back to market to pay for our pickings. I think Tyler ate his own weight in raspberries!

Last night we had a lovely dinner with John's Mom and shared our peaches with her. Not surprisingly, Ty ate nothing. He was probably stuffed to the gills with berries.

All in all, a very nice day out.


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