Got some sad news today. John heard from his co-worker about her 15 year old pregnant cousin. They thanked us profusely for the adoption info, but they have decided to keep the baby.

Ah well. It's disappointing but not unexpected. 

I have actually been very lucky throughout my life. VERY lucky. I think, actually, I am luckier than most. Things just tend to go my way, when I least expect it. But that is the key. As soon as I EXPECT things to go my way, they don't. I can't take advantage of my good fortune too much.

Sounds a little crazy, but I think I have a guardian angel or something looking out for me, as long as I don't get too cocky. I don't rely too heavily on my luck, because you also have to make your OWN luck in life. finish my thoughts from the other day:  The Ice Cream Man!

I have such fond memories of the ice cream man. He used to come down our street when we lived in Bedford. Just hearing that music would make my mouth water.

One of my best friends at the time, Jane, lived right next door. Her mother told her that when the ice cream man played his music, that meant he was OUT of ice cream. Evil mother...trying to either save a buck or save her children's appetite for dinner. So wrong.

Yes, the ice cream man came around at 4pm each day, to the irritation of the neighborhood Mothers. That was back in the days when dinner was on the table around 5pm every everyone ELSES house except ours. My mother was so disorganized in her time management, we would be lucky to have dinner by 8 o'clock at night. We would be STARVING. To shut up our whining about being hungry, my mother would happily hand us some spare change when we came screaming into the house, "THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING!!!"

Ahhh the choices...Cannon Balls (tasty raspberry sherbet with a gum ball at the bottom of the cone shaped cup), Bomb Pops (red white and blue and shaped like a rocket), Hoodsie Cups (chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a cute little wooden paddle shaped spoon), Strawberry Shortcakes, Push-Ups, Fudge Pops, Italian Ice...mmmmm! If we were short on money, we could get a simple ice pop for twenty-five cents. That was the cheapest item he carried.

Seeing that white truck and hearing the music meant that summer had officially arrived (even if he did start coming around before school was out for the year).

I think my brother and I were such good customers that the ice cream man would follow us. At least it seemed that way. He would also make an appearance every day at the swim club on the Air Force Base at 2pm. Swimming and ice cream...what a perfect way to spend the day.

My mother never knew we would spend our allowance on ice cream at the base pool, then come home and beg her for money so we could get ice cream again before dinner. (heh heh heh!)


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