So You Think You Can Dance?

A reality show on Fox is currently asking this very interesting question...and most of the time the answer seems to be NO. But I have been laughing more in the last 2 hours than I have in the last 2 years combined!

Favorite moments: Judge (and Executive Producer) Nigel tells a contestant that she spins very very well...but so does his wife's electric dryer. And the "rap off" between the Chicago construction worker and Nigel the rapper/break-dancer..."Wearing your FuBu and lookin' like DooDoo..." Oh my GOSH, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe!

I LOVE this show!! Off to set my Beyond TV to record the rest of this series...

PS - I went off in search of more info on my favorite dancer of the night (Nigel Holt...the rappin break-dancin fellow I mentioned above in my favorite moments). I started a thread about him on the Fox message boards (yes, I am the one who suggested that Fox should give Nigel his own sitcom). One of his "crew" replied with a link to his blog/home page on! There I found a link to a video cap of last night's rap-off and both the construction worker and Nigel's dance auditions. It's even funnier watching it the second time around! Here is the segment, for your viewing pleasure.

I just love how they call him "cocky" and "the ego". It's obvious, at least to ME, that it's a put-on for comic effect.


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