I wonder if every child goes through this phase. Tyler is in the midst of a full-blown superhero obsession! Every costumed character he sees on TV or in books is either Superman, Batman or Spiderman. The really spooky part about this is...while his cousin has a Batman obsession, we never talked about Superman around him. Ever! One day, out of the blue, he was running around the house yelling "Superman!" and jumping off the furniture with wild abandon! Woosh... Of course, you can't miss Spiderman these days with the movies and all, so I have no doubt where he got his Spidy-sense from. The Superman thing really has be baffled. We have just started calling him Superboy. He really seems to like his new nickname. Even better, he loves his PJs I got him from Gymboree...check em out:

My little Superboy. (Yes, the cape was included.) :-)


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