July seems to be THE carnival month here in NJ. We've visited 4, so far! We learned the hard way that Tyler doesn't like JUST fireworks...there must be a carnival also or he just can't deal.
Here is a slide show with a few pics of Tyler having fun at the July 5th County College of Morris Carnival:

Here is a bit of fun from the evening of July 5th (we went to see the Denville town fireworks but couldn't get within 3 miles of the field to park, so we went with a partially obstructed view from the town dump on the other side of the tree line from the field):

Ty was bored silly. No carnival = no fun. LOL But we all enjoyed the glow necklaces and bracelets I remembered to bring. :-)

Last we have the Rockaway Township Carnival and Fireworks. Nice little carnival to benefit the volunteer fire department and the BEST fireworks display we have seen yet.

I really love my digital camera. It's a Canon PowerShot S50. I always forget the video option on the camera, but I remembered last night and filmed the finale of the Rockaway fireworks. Awesome stuff!


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