Murphy's law struck in a MAJOR way yesterday...

1. After finding blood spots on the kitchen floor Friday, took cat to vet. She has a UTI. Yesterday she was struck down with a case of mega-diarrhea. How do I know? She left a puddle of muck on my desk. Nice.

2. Minutes after waving bye to my husband and son as they went out for ice cream and setting my VCR to record The 4400 on USA/settling in to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; the power went out. It stayed out just long enough for me to miss BOTH programs.

3. During the blackout, I searched in vain for just ONE of the 15 freakin "tap lights" I bought off an infomercial a couple years ago. Couldn't locate any in the dark. Finally managed to trip over my son's alligator flashlight only to discover the batteries were almost dead. Light lasted long enough for me to locate several candles and my fireplace lighter.

4. Remind me to never light 5 different types of scented candles at the same time, ever again. The resulting headache wasn't pretty.

5. When the power went out I was close to finishing a new short story for my fiction blog. My computer is on a UPS, since we have frequent power-outages. The UPS gives me peace of mind that I won't lose work-in-progress on my PC. Hubby came home from the ice cream trip to find the house in darkness and both my UPS and the home alarm screaming shrilly. He turned off the house alarm and offered to turn off the alarm on the UPS. In the semi-darkness he accidentally hit the power off button and my PC whined to a sudden halt. Bye bye story.

6. I had no less than 5 candles on my desk to provide enough illumination to read my collection of catalogs. What else is there to do with no power? My cat attempted to take her normal shortcut across my desktop and was miffed when I made her take the long way around. The moment my back was turned, she hopped back across the desk anyway and proceeded to set the lovely long hair of her tail on fire. Scent of burnt cat fur did nothing to help my headache. Lucky for cat we were able to put the fire out before she spread it all over the house. Hubby took that opportunity to remind me about the fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink. Thanks hun.

The final LOL of the night? I was in Tyler's room trying to change his diaper via candle light when my son says "Mommy...turn on light!" I tell him "Honey, we have no power...I can't turn on the light." I immediately hear my husband laughing behind me. Apparently the power came back on while I had my back turned and I hadn't noticed. Silly Mommy.


Astaryth said…
My, that's what I call a bad day... Bright side? Tomorrow HAS to be better! LOL
Sie said…
LOL.. after all that, I think I'd turn off the light and go to bed!

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