My 20th high school reunion is this year. I haven't attended any of the previous reunions and don't plan to attend this one either. Why? I don't know any of those people and really don't care what they have been up to. Well...ok. I am a LITTLE curious, but not enough to schlep all the way to Massachusetts and find out.

You wonder why I don't know anyone in my own senior class, don't you. Does the fact that I came in second place in the "Who the hell is that?!" category for my yearbook give you a clue? I think I was the only one who spoke to our first place winner on a regular basis. My best friend was 2 years behind me (I met her on my bus) and I hung out with HER friends.

No one in my class really made an effort to get to know me and I had no real interest in knowing them. I was a loner. A very solitary and shy creature with her nose perpetually buried in a book. If it had been school books I buried my nose in, I probably would have been class valedictorian too. I preferred reading science fiction and fantasy instead of math and physics, however.

Honestly, I am rather surprised my former classmates are organized enough to put together a reunion. Our former principal called our class the most "apathetic and uninvolved" class she had ever experienced in her 25+ years of teaching/principalship. Heh. We were the pioneers of Gen X, folks. Disenfranchised, bitter, and bleak; that was us. We still have the distinction of sending in the least amount of monetary contributions in the school's annual fund drive (private school) and the fewest personal updates to the alumni newsletter. I'll bet we have the lowest turnout for these little reunions as well. LOL

Eh. Don't you love my bland "whatever" attitude? I've still got it, after all these years. My classmates would be so impressed. LOL Honestly, I feel like I have accomplished a great deal since high school. None of it was planned, either. I always thought I would be a Mom by the time I was 25. I never intended to have a career or be "successful". My career in computers evolved slowly as I discovered new talents. Taking an early retirement, of sorts, as an upper-middle manager of an elite web development R&D team at AT&T was never a part of my wildest imaginings as a teen. Nor were my struggles with infertility. Funny how life twists and turns at times.

I feel like my career was my first life; motherhood is my second. Both lives have been pretty terrific so far. I started my career thinking it was only short term (until I got pregnant). One positive to my 10 year wait for motherhood was my 401K savings and my decision to join a US Savings Bond purchasing plan (those were intended for my future children's college education). Add in my pension plan from AT&T and voila, retirement savings and a college fund starter...10 years worth. Who knew this reformed shop-a-holic could SAVE money?? It's a big surprise to me too.

So I will stay home and have a ball with my son. When he heads off to school full time, I will begin my third life. What will that be? I haven't decided yet, but I bet it's gonna be good! Especially if I manage to lose weight and get fit (the other reason I don't want to go to my one would recognize the porker I have become).


One thing about being a high school dropout was that I get no invitations to reunions. I don't care. LOL

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