Mother's Day - It's a wrap!

I know most Mothers look forward to a special day just for them each year. For some reason, I can't seem to get the day right. I seem to spend a lot of time worrying about MY mother or my husband's mother. (Shouldn't they have graduated to "Grandparent's Day" now? Isn't that how it works?) My mom, in particular, still expects the day to be about her. She's had a bit of a rough year, so I tried not to make a big deal of it. I indulged her. I gave up my own Mother's Day weekend to drive 6 hours north with Max and spent the weekend making my Mom happy.  I think that it went rather well.

Meanwhile, because of a series of unfortunate events, the husband had to stay home (at first it was work-related, but then his mom was hospitalized.)  My eldest boy, Tyler, also begged to stay home. Travel is really hard for him, as is being outside his comfort zone. For my high-functioning autistic pre-teen, I am willing to bend and compromise quite a bit. We have learned a LOT in the last year or so about how he functions and are finally making strides in keeping family harmony and peace.  Sadly, that knowledge is not easily transferable. Extended family don't "get it" and I feel sad that they don't know him like we do.

Thankfully, Max seems to wear the mantle of family ambassador very well. He was the dutiful grandchild and dispensed hugs and adorableness wherever we went. He had a great visit, lots of Lego gifts and building, bonding with his Uncle and future/adopted Aunt, and ate like a boss. He was a total delight and beyond helpful to his very tired and slightly stressed out Mommy.

When we finally arrived back home Sunday night, I got a very brief and abbreviated Mother's Day celebration with all my boys. Cards, nifty gifts made in school (a Queen's crown decorated by Max with a coupon good for 1 day of "kitchen duty" and a mason jar of home-made scented hand soap created in chemistry class by Tyler) and cream puffs from the Daddy. Max was tired and cranky, Tyler was a bit annoyed by all the added hubbub in his previously quiet home space, and John was, well, worried about his Mom and a little worn out I guess. Me? After 12+ hours of driving over the weekend, little sleep, heat exhaustion...yeah, I was no bargain either.

Crankiness aside, I love my little family. I just hope that next year I finally get breakfast and cuddles in bed on Mother's Day. That's all I really want.


Donna said…
I just wish Max had a way to express his musical talent. It really bothers me that he can't. I am very happy that you understand Tyler and work around his needs. You tread a difficult path, and I salute you.

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