What's going on?

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. John went out of town to a conference in Dallas for a week - the same week Tyler started at his new school (he did GREAT, by the way.) That left one stressed out Mommy to handle all the logistics on her own. By the end of the week, I was fried. Ex-haus-TED. So, naturally, I got sick. I could feel the sore throat starting Thursday night. By Saturday, I was an achy, snotty, froggy-throated mess. So, naturally, I just went to bed and stayed put. Thank goodness hubby was home by then. He brought me soup. (He's a lovely man, my hubby.)

Sadly, I got my poor hubby sick. He spent 4 days in misery, just like I did. We muddled through the week and by Thursday, the boys were re-wearing socks. Ha. The laundry somehow falls through the cracks when the Mommy and Daddy are sick and tired. (I wonder at what age we should teach Tyler how to run the washer. Hmm. ;)

So here we are...Saturday morning at 6am. What?! I know, right? Anyone who knows me, knows this is a very strange thing. I am NOT a morning person.

Tyler was sleep walking again. He burst into the bedroom sometime just after 3am babbling about something being censored and acting very frantic. No clue. Hubby guided him back and tucked him in. I have a feeling hubby forgot to give Ty one of his sleep meds last night. Heh. I'll ask him once he wakes up. Hubby went back to bed sometime around 5am and I am still sitting here. It's hard to wind down after being startled awake like that in the wee hours.

Did I mention poor Max? He had baseball practice again last night. They had it in the gym at his school. I supposed because it's been raining for 2 days and the fields are a wreck. But they decided, for some nutty reason, to play dodge ball. Max and I had just talking about dodge ball a few days earlier. He wanted to know what my favorite and least favorite parts of gym class were. Dodge ball was a least favorite, for me. He had never played and was curious how it worked, so I shared some anecdotes. His eyes got very big and he told me he didn't think he'd like the game very much. Last night, he found out the hard way that, no, he really doesn't like the game very much. He got hit in the eye with a ball. Hard. This is after being kicked in the head in gym the previous day and hit in the head with a bathroom door at baseball practice earlier in the week. 3 hits to the head in one week.

It's never dull in this house, that's for sure. Today is the town Easter egg hunt. I will hope for some sunshine and enough energy to take some nice photos. I photograph the hunt every year and would hate to miss it! I haven't had many chances to take pictures all winter long and am eager to get snapping.


Uh oh. Maybe I'll try to squeeze a nap in first. Stay tuned.


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