Alone at last...

I only seem to write when I'm alone. Since that is almost never, these days, you'll understand the spotty nature of my blog posts.

Today, my alone time is courtesy of one child being at baseball practice with his dad and my normally housebound and antisocial child being out at a friend's house. Whaaaat?! YES! Tyler left the house, of his own free will. He has made a new friend at his new school and the boy happens to live right down the street. J came over here first and scoped out our place, then the boys left together. On...their...own. My eldest has left the house. He just walked out the front door without even saying bye.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Highly conflicted, that's for sure.

On the one hand, I am super proud of his independence, his ability to make a new friend so quickly, his desire to be social, and his fearlessness.

On the other hand, who IS this new kid? Do we know his parents? Should I have spoken with them first? Can I trust this kid (who also has some special needs) to be smart and safe with my boy?

[insert worried Mommy hand-wringing]

I am NOT a helicopter mom. I know Tyler has pretty good judgement and I trust him. Most of the time. He is not a follower and has a pretty well developed personal moral code. I want to show him that we trust his judgement and not be too restrictive.

I think, when he gets home, I'll point out how much trust it took to just let him walk out the front door. Just a gentle reminder that I care and was worried, but still let him go have fun.



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