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For many years now, the long wall of our family room has been decorated with 3 large photo prints. They are photos I took during Tyler's first trip to the beach when he was just a baby. I loved that day and these photos. But the poster sized prints have seen better days. The plastic poster frames are falling apart and the picture are a bit faded. Plus Max has noticed that there is no photo of HIM in this series.

I have given it a lot of thought over the years. What would I put up there to replace these cheap but sentimental shots. A couple years ago we made a rare, momentous and memorable trip to the beach. I wish we could spend WAY more time at the shore, but I have one child who never got over his initial distaste for sand. It takes a lot of convincing and bribery to talk him into going to the beach, so I knew those moments by the sea were going to be precious.

I took tons of photos. TONS. And was very happy with the results. So after contemplating these shots for 2 years now, I had finally selected the photos that will replace the existing posters on the wall. Now all I needed was for the universe to align so I could find a good deal on a nicer way to frame these prints. I wanted something hip and cool, modern and maybe even a tad edgy. Sadly, you pay a ton of money for that. Then AmazonLocal (sorta like Groupon) sent me an offer on stretched canvas prints. Now I am really excited! Gallery style canvas prints of my photos! *squee!* To get the size I want at full price would have cost $390 before tax and shipping. With my coupon? $138 plus tax and free shipping.


Time to class up this space. Curious to see the old and new photos? I can do that...

Old (plain paper poster prints in cheap plastic frames - and yes, with date stamp too. Ugh.):

New (stretched canvas over wood frame prints):

Yeah. This is going to look great!


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