Ancestry...wait. What!?!?

So I posted yesterday about the results of my DNA testing. While it was nice having some confirmation about my origins, it wasn't really as revealing as I'd hoped. Or was it. The husband and I were casually discussing the results when he said, "You know...Switzerland and The Netherlands aren't part of Scandinavia, right?" Wait...what?! Oh yeah. Intellectually, I knew that. If you look at the highlighted portion of my results map, my Swiss and Dutch genes are pooled in with the Central European section. I always thought of the Dutch as being rather Nordic in looks and sensibility. But the map people use different criteria.

Oh my gosh, I have Viking blood!

It hit me...that must be from my bio-Dad's side of the family! We didn't really have any info like that about him back when I was born. Just some stuff the agency made up to make my Mom and Dad feel better. Yeah. They were told a lot of fibs. Conversations with my bio-Mom revealed that. She had no idea about bio-Dad's ethnicity. Just that he was white, popular and hunky. *grin*

So I really did find a missing piece of the puzzle that is me. Now my deep affection for Nordic mythology is explained. And Swedish meatballs. Yum!

But seriously, this is rather momentous for me. I also started taking a closer look at the family trees of my biological cousins (matched though my DNA results) and made another startling discovery. My mom and I may be related for real. There is a good probability that a family link going back to the 1700's exists. It's distant, but a strong possibility. I'll have to flesh out my family tree more to see if we can link things up definitively. I think she will be floored just by the prospect. It's a strange world, isn't it?


barbara said…
Wow, it really is a small world isn't it.

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