Shhh! Max won't share his Cheetos with me!

Silently my fingers creep across the table, slowly seeking the open bag of Cheetos. Freeze! The boy reaches over and digs in the bag, face already coated in orange powdery goodness. Attention returns to the TV, and my hand resumes its stealthy path. Success! I grasp a couple plump Cheetos and retreat rapidly, popping one into my mouth. The boy whips around and looks at me. I stop mid-crunch and look innocent, a second Cheeto hidden rapidly under the table.

I smile and lift one eyebrow.

The boy eyes me suspiciously for a moment and then returns his attention to the TV.

Ha! Cheetos thief crunches with relish on her stolen booty. The boy never the wiser.


Astaryth said…
LOL! Having had a small boy I can perfectly picture this tableau.
Monica said…
LOL that reminded me of when my youngest would've been the age of Max!

Hope you enjoyed that bite of Cheetos!

Bridgett said…
You sneaky mommy, you! LOL
just me said…
LOL, sneaky is good.
just me said…
LOL, sneaky is good.
BosieLadie said…
Too funny! Cute.
Heatehr said…
mmmmm cheetos

hope all is well

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