Saturday, August 30, 2008


In the background, a TV commercial plays... "Erase blackheads with the new Blackhead Eraser! It really works!"

Tyler: "Mark should get that."

Dad: "Mark doesn't have blackheads, he has freckles!"

Tyler: "Oh."

Long pause.

Tyler: "What's a blackhead then?"

Mommy laughs hysterically until she can't breath.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh we go again

So...yeah. Second Life kinda stole me away from blogging and the internet at large for a while there. Then I got kinda sick of SL. I have a new time sucking addiction now.


Yeah, I know. I've been uploading videos there for ages and have watched the occasional clip or 12. But then a couple of bloggy pals starting doing this whole VLOG'in thing there and I got sucked in. Mostly thanks to FreeePeace. I've been enjoying her videos for a while now and then she started recommending all these OTHER people's vids on the Tube and...bam. I was hooked.

So let's run down a list of my favs (just in case you have time to kill at night once your kids are in bed...or something):

FreeePeace - It's all her fault. (Love you Freee!)
ShayCarl - Like they said in the Howard Stern movie...the fans love him or hate him, but most of all they keep watching "because they want to see what he'll do next." But seriously, I just want to hug him and squeeze him and fluff him up and prop him against my headboard with all my other pretty pillows. Heh.
Journey2betrhealth - My pal Donna. She recently had WLS and is on the road to better health. I am following her progress avidly. Go Donna!
BrettTheIntern - Poor Brett. Once upon a time he was an intern for the Jerry Springer Show and OMG his behind the scenes videos were hilarious! Then NBC found out about his little YouTube channel and sic'd the corporate dogs on him. He was given the sack and had to take down a lot of his videos. I was just ill when I found out. But he's still funny as hell and I will keep watching to see how he bounces back.
JoshSource - Watch the response video he did about cereal in Australia. I about pee'd my pants! He is fierce, gay, Asian, does hair, and should totally be adopted by the QueerEye guys as a new correspondent. that show even on anymore? I don't watch live TV these days.
ItalianStallionette - I think she lives, like, down the street from me. Seriously! I am waiting for her to notice that I'm in her neighborhood so we can have a diet coke together. She's very outspoken about gay rights (and rightly so) and I think she's awesome.
SxePhil - Throw out your newspaper and turn off the 11 o'clock news...Phil will fill you in on current events from his very not-politically-correct viewpoint. Good stuff.

Enough shout-outs for now. There are a few others I follow but they haven't been very active of late (nyah nyah you guys need to make more videos if you want me to pimp you here. Ha!)

See? So much to little free time. I need to make more videos myself, since I have a nice new webcam and not many excuses (other than the fact that I'm boring). If you have a YouTube channel, let me know in comments and I'll come check you out. Or if you have a must-see channel to recommend, let me know that too.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

State Fair and Haircuts

The boys visited the fair two days in a row, opening day and the day after. Opening day the weather was nice - hot but with a breeze. Day 2 was an airless oven. But that won't stop two eager young boys from having a good time. They came home covered in mud (dust settled on their sweaty bodies and turned to mud); their hair matted to their scalps with sweat and heaven knows what else. It was a relief to plop them both into the tub.

Tyler has announced that he wants a pet sheep and a pet cow. He plans to keep them both in his bedroom. He would not be dissuaded, even after explaining that cow pies often exceed the size of his head.

In other news, you may notice Tyler sporting a new buzz cut (click the photo above for more from the fair). If I'd been smart, I would have done Max too this past weekend, before the hot and sweaty dirt fest (aka the fair). Instead, Max went to bed last night with his hair still damp and uncombed. Poor kid just passed out from sheer exhaustion - after crying and flailing hysterically for 20 minutes (he didn't want to get out of the tub, or get dried off, or get his PJs on.)

Instead, I took the shears to his wooly and matted mane today.

The new Max!


Curly Hair - Lessons Learned Part 36

Don't let your curly haired child fall asleep right after his bath, but before you have a chance to fully dry and comb out his (excessively long) hair. Oh My GOSH!

I am armed with scissors and I'm not afraid to use them. Pictures of Max's new haircut and shot from this year's NJ State Fair to be posted later.

*snip snip*

Friday, August 01, 2008

Dum A Day

When Tyler was 2, he had very specific taste in music. He was a big fan of old time cartoon theme songs. (Yes, I have an adorable video of him getting down to the theme from Speed Racer.) When he was older (3-4ish), he had a brief infatuation with the music of Lazy Town; particularly the theme song (again, cute video of him dancing.) Then one day he declared that he "hated music" and was adamant about this day. I can't even turn on the radio in the car without getting an earful if he is with me.

Max is entirely different. From the earliest moments after we brought him home he has shown a strong interest in music and it hasn't wavered. I used to play music with Windows Media Player and he would listen raptly while watching the cool kaleidoscope of colors on my monitor. His dad would put the wireless headphones for our stereo on his head and he would bop to 70s and 80s music. Christmas music would send him spinning in joyful circles. Classical music he would pick up from his Baby Einstein videos and he would hum along...making up his own clever lyrics that consisted of "Dada" and "Mama" in tune with the music.

Now Max has taken his adoration of music to another level. He has discovered the joys of Jack's Big Music Show. He was already familiar (and obsessed) with Laurie Berkner - we've nearly worn out her music video DVD, but with Jack, he has been introduced to a whole bunch of new musical artists and music types. But what I find particularly adorable is how he asks for his favorite show. His vocabulary is still limited, but he can say Jack (or "woof" for Mel the dog)...however, he doesn't say that. Instead he took a phrase from the intro song and sings his request. Jack's friend Mary sings "dum ditty dum de dum de dum day" in the intro and Max has decided that the show should be called "Dum A Day". Yes, it took me a while to figure out what he was asking for. Stupid mommy.

Having "Dum A Day" playing in the background all day long, thanks to Free On Demand and the Noggin channel, has been the norm for a couple months now, until one morning I went into the cable menu and discovered, to my horror, that the show wasn't among the selections. Those with kids in that terrible two stage will understand my desperation to restore the peace. Max didn't understand my lame explanations why his show couldn't be played and I couldn't locate the one Jack DVD we have.

I frantically cruised the On Demand menu trying to find something else that would appease Max and stumbled across the Discovery Kids offerings. One of the shows sounded vaguely familiar from when Tyler was four-ish so I gave it a shot. Tyler had hated the show because it was basically all music and singing. Heh. It should be perfect for Max. So I selected Hi-5 and hoped for the best.

Oh my heck. Max is IN LOVE with this show! Now we've been alternating between Jack and Hi-5 for the last couple weeks or so. And I really appreciate the variety (I love Jack, but I've seen every episode from both seasons at least 10 times each.) For several days Max has raced into the family room first thing in the morning, pointed at the TV and started yelling "Woo!" Woo? I thought he meant "woof" at first and automatically put Jack on, only to get a completely disgusted reaction. He would stomp his foot, make a loud whiny "UhhHHHhhh!" sound and start shouting "Mama!" in a short, gravelly, loud voice. Oh boy. What the hell was "Woo"???

Finally today, Max explained himself. He was watching the one episode of Hi-5 that has been available in the On Demand menu for the last 3 days (why do they do that? Have 6 or 7 then suddenly remove all or almost all for weeks at a time???) and the talented teens (or 20-somethings) in the Hi-5 band were singing about making wishes and suddenly all of them were harmonizing and singing "Woo woo woo wooooo oooooo ooooo ooooo ooooooooooo." Max started singing along. Ohhhhhhh! Duh. Woo. Got it!!

It cracks me up that he won't call these shows by their name but instead picks out phrasing from the music in the show and that becomes the name, to him. It's all about the music, man.

And speaking of his love for music, has anyone been watching this season of America's Got Talent? Max was entranced by this little contestant, Kaitlyn Maher. I had to replay the segment to make the video. He was just as cute the second time through, but he tried to sing along more the first time. I am imagining Max at age 4 and wondering if he might have this kind of talent. It wouldn't surprise me. He certainly sings and hums more than he speaks.

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