In the background, a TV commercial plays... "Erase blackheads with the new Blackhead Eraser! It really works!"

Tyler: "Mark should get that."

Dad: "Mark doesn't have blackheads, he has freckles!"

Tyler: "Oh."

Long pause.

Tyler: "What's a blackhead then?"

Mommy laughs hysterically until she can't breath.


Chris said…
Hi, Billy Mays here....try new FRECKLE ERASER ! ! !

IndigoSunMoon said…
Oh my gosh, thats so funny! hahaha!
And I absolutely laughed my butt off at Chris's comment!
Freckle Eraser! Wha ha hahaha!
DonnaH said…
Ty is just too cute. I love the things kids say. Then again Chris is no kid and his comment was funny too!
My blog is suffereing abandonement
Liz said…
ROFL to Ty's comments & also Chris'....I can just hear Billy Mays' voice.

Coming soon to QVC...it's not only a freckl & blackhead eraser, it's also a floor polish & a dessert topping!

~Aunt Nub~

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