Oh boy...here we go again

So...yeah. Second Life kinda stole me away from blogging and the internet at large for a while there. Then I got kinda sick of SL. I have a new time sucking addiction now.


Yeah, I know. I've been uploading videos there for ages and have watched the occasional clip or 12. But then a couple of bloggy pals starting doing this whole VLOG'in thing there and I got sucked in. Mostly thanks to FreeePeace. I've been enjoying her videos for a while now and then she started recommending all these OTHER people's vids on the Tube and...bam. I was hooked.

So let's run down a list of my favs (just in case you have time to kill at night once your kids are in bed...or something):

FreeePeace - It's all her fault. (Love you Freee!)
ShayCarl - Like they said in the Howard Stern movie...the fans love him or hate him, but most of all they keep watching "because they want to see what he'll do next." But seriously, I just want to hug him and squeeze him and fluff him up and prop him against my headboard with all my other pretty pillows. Heh.
Journey2betrhealth - My pal Donna. She recently had WLS and is on the road to better health. I am following her progress avidly. Go Donna!
BrettTheIntern - Poor Brett. Once upon a time he was an intern for the Jerry Springer Show and OMG his behind the scenes videos were hilarious! Then NBC found out about his little YouTube channel and sic'd the corporate dogs on him. He was given the sack and had to take down a lot of his videos. I was just ill when I found out. But he's still funny as hell and I will keep watching to see how he bounces back.
JoshSource - Watch the response video he did about cereal in Australia. I about pee'd my pants! He is fierce, gay, Asian, does hair, and should totally be adopted by the QueerEye guys as a new correspondent. Wait...is that show even on anymore? I don't watch live TV these days.
ItalianStallionette - I think she lives, like, down the street from me. Seriously! I am waiting for her to notice that I'm in her neighborhood so we can have a diet coke together. She's very outspoken about gay rights (and rightly so) and I think she's awesome.
SxePhil - Throw out your newspaper and turn off the 11 o'clock news...Phil will fill you in on current events from his very not-politically-correct viewpoint. Good stuff.

Enough shout-outs for now. There are a few others I follow but they haven't been very active of late (nyah nyah you guys need to make more videos if you want me to pimp you here. Ha!)

See? So much to watch...so little free time. I need to make more videos myself, since I have a nice new webcam and not many excuses (other than the fact that I'm boring). If you have a YouTube channel, let me know in comments and I'll come check you out. Or if you have a must-see channel to recommend, let me know that too.


Trish said…
Hah!! I take full responsibility for corrupting your evenings. You've listed all my faves!

It was The Shaycarl Song that catapulted me into the YT community. I'm Brett's unofficial PR manager -- our goal is to get him to 1,000 subs by Sept 1st. Brett and Josh started a collab channel (I'm sure you saw). Josh will cut my hair! Love that boy!

ItalianStallionette was my inspiration for "old is the new hott" - She's a rock after having two kidney transplants. And she was only born with one. Big stuff.

Oh, and Shaycarl? Soooooo huggable. And he smells good too. He and sXePhil just launched a collab channel too!

Now get on with your vlogging will ya?! I wanna feature your channel. :D
Donna H:) said…
Yeah it's all freee's fault. Gotta love Trish! I am trying to keep up. So where are your videos?
2writehands said…
Well, I have to reccoment the vlogbrothers on YouTube. (John being my former boss and all). They videos are geared for teens, but if you're young at heart, you'll get a kick out of them. There following is huge now.

...not to distract you from your blogging ;)
Anonymous said…
Got sucked in to You Tube once. Was low at the time. It came back to haunt me and I deleted everything.

Liz said…
OMG.....I feel totally old & out of the loop that I didn't know there was such a creature as vlogs! Holy Crap! Don't you already know what an obsessive personality I am already to introduce me to vlogs?!?! LOL

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