Saturday, July 26, 2008

Post Vacation Thoughts

  • Eating sand and then sneezing will make sandy snot come out of your nose.

  • $25 in tokens at the arcade converts into 164 tickets which redeems for two small sacks of penny candy. Tyler's response to my comment on how much candy $25 would buy us at the supermarket? "Yeah, but Mom, the supermarket isn't FUN." Point taken.

  • Mango scented bubble bath poured generously into an oversized Jacuzzi (jets on) will create a scene very close to that one in the Brady Bunch with Bobby pouring too much laundry soap into the washing machine.

  • You can't tell a 21 month old that he is "too small" to go down the slides at the water park. He will prove you WRONG every time. What a dare devil Max is!

  • A good dad WILL go into the water park 7 times in a row just to make his boys happy. You are a trooper babe.

  • Never say, "Don't give him that! He won't eat it!" Because you know what? He will. (Note to self - Max likes asparagus, cottage cheese, creamed spinach, broccoli, and miso soup)

  • Remember to put sun screen on the back of your neck and shoulders, unless you think that whole "red neck" look is sexy on a woman.

  • Don't bring the wicked expensive digital camera to a water park because you damn well know you won't dare use it and now you have no photos from part of your vacation. *sigh*

  • Trying to shimmy your toddler into a cold clammy wet swimsuit will cause him to say several new words - "Yuck! Ick! Wet! and No!"

  • A bath towel makes a great blanky sub when Mommy forgets to pack the bedding for your pack n play...according to Max.

  • Sofa beds are like magic to a small child who has never seen Daddy turn the couch into a bed before. That same child will lift the sofa cushions repeatedly when you return home trying to find the magic bed.

  • Leaving your sweet fluffy kitty alone for several days will turn him into this:

Back to reality. But first, a vacation video:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Adventure

We took the boys to the shore today - Max's first visit. Unfortunately the conditions weren't ideal for photo taking because of the fog and heavy surf, but it made things interesting. Max was thrilled with the sand. After his reaction to bare feet on grass, I was worried. No need! He was kicking his shoes off as we were walking toward the water! Tyler set right to work on a sand castle and Max took off exploring. Yes, I know. We ran after him a LOT today. Heh. He would get 50 yards away or so and then look for us. With all the people and the fog, most of the time he wouldn't see me flapping my arms wildly and yelling his name, so he would start to cry. Aww!

Max also cried as we were leaving the beach. He did NOT want to go. It was so cute! A very different reaction from Tyler's first time. Ty was petrified of the waves and couldn't stand the way sand felt on his feet. I swear these boys seem to be almost exact opposites of each other.

Photos from our adventures are in my Flickr album.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Perfect Timing

For several months now, Max has been objecting strongly to having his diaper changed. It's not that he hates being clean...more that he hates having to lie down and be still for a few minutes. So I've developed a rapid standing diaper change method. (Obviously only works for pee and not poopie diapers.) I can yank down his shorts, whip off the dirty dipe, brace the clean one against his butt with one hand and fasten the tabs with the other, adjust leg openings, pull up shorts and voila! Done in about 30 seconds flat.

Well today, as I reached for the clean diaper, Max started to pee like gang busters all over me and everything else in firing range. He hasn't done that since he was a newborn. Heh. I guess this means I need to move even faster in the future. I'll be very happy when we start potty training. Maybe in a couple months. He's not quite ready yet.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

We made plans to go to Wild West City. It started raining. Hard. So we went to Burger King instead.

The End

*sigh* The entire blog is going to sound like the essays of a first grader if I don't get some inspiration soon.

How about some holiday peek-a-boo instead?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

How does that happen?

July 4th has snuck up on me! John suddenly announced on Friday that the carnival and fireworks show we take Tyler (and now Max) to was the next day. WHAT? Good thing he checked or the boys would have missed it this year! I was a little nervous about Max, fireworks and being out so late; but he did great!

Next hurdle is a visit to Grandma and Grampie's house this weekend. Two years in a row my mom has promised to get the boys some kind of inflatable water play gizmo, and thus far the boys have been disappointed (she waits too long then the item she goes to get is sold out).

My poor blog has really suffered since I got a new computer. I have videos to unload off my Flip, but I can't get it working right. I can't find the disk to install the software to unload pictures from my camera either. And without photos and video, I think things get kinda dull here. Heh.

Ah well. Back to the struggle.