Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Official...

I am a soccer mom!

Bye bye Freezer!

I know I've said it before, but OH BOY how I love FreeCycle! I posted about the upright deepfreeze that is adding to the clutter downstairs and within 1 hour I had 10 people eager to take it off my hands. Less than 10 minutes after posting, someone wanted my excess baby food too. I love it!

Now if only someone would take all the old office furniture I posted about. For some reason, that doesn't seem as popular. LOL!

I also put in a call to the Salvation Army about all that furniture in the garage. That experience did not leave me feeling as warm and fuzzy. First, they hung up on me twice. Then I got someone with a serious attitude problem. I know these people are volunteers, but jeez. Shouldn't it be a rule when you work for a charity that you should be, ya know, charitable???? Friendly, at the very least.

I found it interesting that they don't take appliances (they got first offer on the freezer). I guess I'll be offering the microwave to Freecycle too. Not sure yet if I can donate the old exercise equipment. They seem pretty picky about what they will and will not take. They said no to the old office furniture too.

No one wants the old office furniture, it seems. :-) Hmm. Oh! Rats... I just thought of a good selling point for that stuff. It would be good in a work shop or potting shed. If I have to list it again, I hope I remember to mention that.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9 bags and counting...

Holy crap! And I'm only half done.

The annual school clothing drive was Tuesday and I was DETERMINED to clean out my walk in closet; the closet where business casual went to die. I haven't touched a single item of clothing in there in over 6 years, so it was time for a purge. I found dresses and skirts I don't even REMEMBER wearing. It was a little scary. And emotional.

There was the pretty skirt and blouse I wore on our first vacation to Bermuda. I recently saw a photo of myself wearing that same outfit. I was almost thin back then. *sigh* There was the "going away suit" I bought to wear when we left on our honeymoon. Sadly, I was too ambitious with my weightloss goals and never quite lost enough to fit in it. Still had the tags on. Gone. The pretty ankle length floral skirt with the matching sweater I loved so much back in the early-90s. That one I shed some tears over. I wonder if I will ever again wear a regular size L.

The old dresser in there is now empty. Half of the wrap around wall rack is also gone. I still have the rest of the rack and the shelf above it to clear. Sadly, I ran out of time for this year's drive. I'll just have to find somewhere else to drop off donations. I've come too far to stop now!

Oh, and the husband reminded me of the two steamer trunks full of my clothes from the 80s that are taking up space in the garage. I'll get there. I'm on a roll and I don't want to stop now. If I can get the closet cleared, we'll finally have someplace to put some of the displaced stuff from the basement that no longer exists.

OK, I need a distraction. All this purging has left me satisfied but a little depressed. Thanks to my bloggy pal Laura for pointing me to this:

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

In red - that is all the states I've visited. When the map came up I was really surprised to see that big rift down the middle of the country. I know I drove through two of those states when I was a kid on our way from NM to FL...Louisiana and Mississippi; but I don't think it really counts if you didn't STOP there for a real visit or if the over-night stay in the dingy motor lodge didn't make an impression.

I also think it's a little weird that I lived all those years in Massachusetts and never made it up to Maine. We'll have to see how many more of our 50 states I can squeeze in, once the boys are old enough to appreciate it. I think the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore would just incite yawns at this age.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Parenting 101

Of the many toys buried betwixt and between my sofa cushions, there is one that has recently been screaming "Geronimo!!!" every time I rise from my seat to, invariably, rescue my youngest from his latest misadventure. I find that apropos since parenting lately seems very much like jumping out of an airplane...without a parachute.

You would think with 6+ years of parenting experience under my belt that this would all be old hat to me by now. I should wear my white hairs and the lines of experience on my face like well earned battle scars. But no. Perhaps it's chronic sleep deprivation that has turned my mind to mush and causes me to pause and wrack my brain trying to remember just what the best thing to do is in any of the myriad scenarios that plays out each day.

And yet, I find myself not the least bit tempted to attend the free class Tyler's school is offering called "Parenting Children Ages 5-11". The flyer claims it can teach us to be just like the Super Nanny on TV.

I don't need that.


Well...maybe a little. But no.


Friday, September 07, 2007

Lessons Learned

Things not to do when you are REALLY really tired:

Taffy!!!1. Shop online late at night. I read the end-of-season sale email from my fav store down the shore, Shrivers, and thought a sale on a 5 lb. box of salt water taffy (with a bonus 1 lb free) sounded like a good deal and "not that much taffy." Good golly Miss Molly! Imagine my shock when I got a box that is almost bigger than Max. Any one want some tasty salt water taffy?

2. For the ladies, only - Don't insert a tampon, get distracted trying to prevent your child from unspooling the entire roll of TP, then turn back and not remember if you put a tampon in yet and proceed to insert another one. Luckily attempt #2 met with sufficient resistance and I didn't force the issue. But it sure made retrieving attempt #1 really tricky. :-X

Thursday, September 06, 2007

School Update

Well, Tyler's first day of school (and second day) went well. There is still some confusion about how the school lunch system works (as I feared), but Tyler has been bringing a lunch box full of assorted items, just in case. And he has needed them. I wrote his teacher 2 emails and a letter, but there has been no response.

I know I need to be calm. My boy isn't starving. But dammit, we paid $50 in advance so he could have his pick of the cafeteria offerings each day. Hasn't there ever been a vegetarian child at that school before? Why can't he just get double fruit or starch and forget the entree? It's not rocket science, people! I guess the only place my rant will be heard is here; by all 5 of you...since it appears I only have 5 regular readers these days.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I need a weekend to recuperate from all this "school" stuff. And to get started on shopping for Tyler's school supplies, since I finally have a list to go by. Do we really have 18 more years of this, not including college? *sigh* It's no wonder so many of my friends opt to home school their kids.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My baby!!!


First day of school photo here. I'm going off to cry again...

Monday, September 03, 2007

I am so bad at this...

I spent several hours today putting together a new play house for the boys to grace their new playroom downstairs. It's so cute I can hardly stand it! But it serves to remind me what a long way to go I have in organizing items to put back into the space. I am NOT good at getting rid of things. I stink at keeping my home organized.

So how is a person who keeps everything supposed to fit 16+ years of accumulated crap into a home that no longer has a basement? Let's ignore the fact that my 2 car garage is full to the brim. Let's ignore the fact that my living room is stacked high with boxes to sort through. Let's ignore the fact that I can't fit into my laundry room any more.

I will start with just one small space. My home office. That area occupies about 8 square feet of space in one corner of my family room. It takes up too much room and has for a very long time. Given that I no longer work, I don't really need all this dedicated space for an office. Right? Yeah. So I have grand plans of clearing out all the old work crap and just keeping the fun stuff. I have plans to order a new computer armoire for the playroom and will move my base of operations down there.

It will free up so much lovely room in here (since here is where I currently sit, overwhelmed and typing)! I can move the sectional sofa further back from the TV and I'll finally be able to have a kitchen table and chairs to sit at. Good motivation, yes.

I made a small dent in trying to free up just one of the many desk components back here. I threw some things away (with great trepidation.) Now I am frozen with indecision. There is soooo much stuffed in this little space. I'll probably have less than half this amount of storage downstairs when the new desk, file cabinet and shelves arrive. What do I keep? I can't bring myself to toss a perfectly good partially used box full of laser/ink printable blank business cards.
I'm a total organizational failure. Yes, I can FreeCycle a lot of stuff. And NO, no one mention a yard sale or Ebay. You have to be ORGANIZED to do stuff like that. What I really need is to box this stuff up and donate it some where. Any ideas on charities that could use a ton of office supplies? I've got rainbow colored Post-Its out the wazoo and pens for days.

Can I throw away PCMCIA ethernet cards? They are 8 year old techology. I don't have pigtails (aka dongles) for several of them anymore. Ditto the PCMCIA 9600 baud modem cards. Ack! Why is this so hard?!?

How about this stack of People magazines that I never got the chance to read? They are 6 years old. I see that some people sell old People mags on Ebay. Why? Why would anyone buy them?

OK. Enough babble.