Lessons Learned

Things not to do when you are REALLY really tired:

Taffy!!!1. Shop online late at night. I read the end-of-season sale email from my fav store down the shore, Shrivers, and thought a sale on a 5 lb. box of salt water taffy (with a bonus 1 lb free) sounded like a good deal and "not that much taffy." Good golly Miss Molly! Imagine my shock when I got a box that is almost bigger than Max. Any one want some tasty salt water taffy?

2. For the ladies, only - Don't insert a tampon, get distracted trying to prevent your child from unspooling the entire roll of TP, then turn back and not remember if you put a tampon in yet and proceed to insert another one. Luckily attempt #2 met with sufficient resistance and I didn't force the issue. But it sure made retrieving attempt #1 really tricky. :-X


ROFL about the tampons, having done that myself before....also, do not take a shower while a baby is in the room with a box of tampons, since the child may unwrap all of them and put them in the commode.
kelly said…
Woah.. now that is alot of taffy. Too bad we don't live closer. I'd love to help you eat it ; )
Shari said…
Becky I've been reading, for some reason I can't post a comment on some of your entries.
I hope they straighten the food situation out at school.

And holy crap, talk about some taffy, lol. Mmmmm
Two Write Hands said…
I love salt water taffy. I could eat all of that by myself in a day--easily. :D
Chris said…
What do you mean "For ladies only"? I don't insert tampons that way either! :)
Anonymous said…
I would've ordered the 5 pounds of taffy - it doesn't sound like that much! If it was a really big box, I'd just get some over to MIL as she loves the stuff.

The tampon situation - lol, only a child could distract you enough to forget!


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