9 bags and counting...

Holy crap! And I'm only half done.

The annual school clothing drive was Tuesday and I was DETERMINED to clean out my walk in closet; the closet where business casual went to die. I haven't touched a single item of clothing in there in over 6 years, so it was time for a purge. I found dresses and skirts I don't even REMEMBER wearing. It was a little scary. And emotional.

There was the pretty skirt and blouse I wore on our first vacation to Bermuda. I recently saw a photo of myself wearing that same outfit. I was almost thin back then. *sigh* There was the "going away suit" I bought to wear when we left on our honeymoon. Sadly, I was too ambitious with my weightloss goals and never quite lost enough to fit in it. Still had the tags on. Gone. The pretty ankle length floral skirt with the matching sweater I loved so much back in the early-90s. That one I shed some tears over. I wonder if I will ever again wear a regular size L.

The old dresser in there is now empty. Half of the wrap around wall rack is also gone. I still have the rest of the rack and the shelf above it to clear. Sadly, I ran out of time for this year's drive. I'll just have to find somewhere else to drop off donations. I've come too far to stop now!

Oh, and the husband reminded me of the two steamer trunks full of my clothes from the 80s that are taking up space in the garage. I'll get there. I'm on a roll and I don't want to stop now. If I can get the closet cleared, we'll finally have someplace to put some of the displaced stuff from the basement that no longer exists.

OK, I need a distraction. All this purging has left me satisfied but a little depressed. Thanks to my bloggy pal Laura for pointing me to this:

create your own visited states map
or check out these Google Hacks.

In red - that is all the states I've visited. When the map came up I was really surprised to see that big rift down the middle of the country. I know I drove through two of those states when I was a kid on our way from NM to FL...Louisiana and Mississippi; but I don't think it really counts if you didn't STOP there for a real visit or if the over-night stay in the dingy motor lodge didn't make an impression.

I also think it's a little weird that I lived all those years in Massachusetts and never made it up to Maine. We'll have to see how many more of our 50 states I can squeeze in, once the boys are old enough to appreciate it. I think the Grand Canyon and Mt. Rushmore would just incite yawns at this age.


Good for you for purging. Even if you fit every piece, you'd look silly in your '90's bisiness casual, or any of your 80's clothes. But I know the feeling-I cried over one of my 5x outfits that I loved dearly!
Went to Google site-I've been to 31 states, but only because my ex-husband and I camped our way across the country and back 35 years ago. I am going to add 3 new states this trip! Margo
BosieLadie said…
I need to get busy with my closet cleaning. I even took the whole week off to get some of this clothes purging done, this week... and it's almost Friday, and I'm such a procrastinator! Still have not started! ARGH!!!

Love the map thingy.
Shari said…
I love to clean and purge...I'm weird I know. It's kind of why I swear by moving at least every 4 years if not more...heehee.
I love the state maps I have to do one too now. Although I haven't traveled all that much. I wonder if I can count the places I've driven through and stopped for gas :-X
Chris said…
You just had to remind us of the chores we have been putting off, didn't you;)

My map? it would be too limited to bother doing!
Anonymous said…
If you find clothes from the 70's be sure to sell those on e-bay! I've seen several young girls wearing things like I wore in the 70's when I was thin and somewhat cute. ::sigh::

Good luck with the cleaning of the closet. I need to do the same thing. There are clothes I keep hoping I could wear again.


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