Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Little Rookie

It was another nice day, weather wise. Max and I had fun hanging out on our blanket in the field as we watched the festivities for Lakeland Little League's closing ceremonies. Tyler has been floating on a cloud and is so proud of his cool little trophy. He insists we need a new home addition...a special room just to hold his trophies. Hee hee!

None of the photos John and I took came out great. I'll have to try and get a photo of Tyler with his trophy later.

We finally got the team photo and Tyler's official first season Little League photo. Honestly, I wasn't totally happy. It's a cute photo of Ty, but the rookie card was not at ALL how I had hoped. It was just a basic "frame" around the photo on standard photo paper. No stats on the other side.

So I took the basic photo and made my own card! I added logos from the Detroit Tigers (their MLB namesakes). The stat side of the card I based on a rookie card from the 80s. That is the only decade in which I actually followed MLB (I was a Red Sox fan). I have to giggle over the stats. Every kid got to bat twice in every game and Tyler had a hit at every at bat. So he's got a perfect batting average! Where are the pro scouts when you need them? LOL!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Data Overload!

So much has happened in the last week that I don't know where to start! I woke at 3am last night itching to do a post about how my body and skin seems to have aged practically overnight. It's like I turned 41 and WHAMMO...I look old. I thought the loss of elasticity and moisture was a gradual process. Sheesh! Now I'm glad I ignored that 3am impulse. I'm already bored with that topic.

The husband was in Las Vegas (with out MEEEEEEE!) all last week. I missed him terribly. His stinkin' company has plans for the next 4 years to have this annual convention thingy this same week...our ANNIVERSARY week. Yep. He was in Las Vegas, alone, for our 15th anniversary. It was on Thursday, the 21st. *sniff* But he didn't forget about me. He sent me a dozen roses. (Thanks Sweetie!) I actually called the MGM Grand to see if I could arrange something to be sent to his room to surprise him, but his schedule was so chaotic. So no in-room massage (and no, not THAT kind of massage! I'm an easy going wife, but get serious.)

15 years of happy marriage. And 6 years of happy dating prior to that. We've been together a really really long time. It's hard to believe. We talked about it last night and we both agree that it feels more like 7 years. Time has flown by so fast.

So while I was on my own last week, I took the time to try and get the boys onto a schedule. I don't know how single moms do it, quite frankly, but Max is now on a consistent feeding schedule and eating Stage 2 foods twice a day. That was a huge battle won. Max also tried the big bathtub for the first time. That made for some funny photo and video moments. But I won't be putting that movie on YouTube. Don't want any weirdos ogling my baby. If any good friends or family want to watch it, I'll email it to you. ;-)

Today we took the boys to a local town carnival. This was Max's first big outing in the umbrella stroller. He was so funny to watch...just in awe of all the activity around him. The music, the rides, the kids running around; we found a quiet spot in the shade to spread out a blanket so he could feel the grass and take it all in. I'm not at all happy with my HP digital camera. I keep hoping I'll find a groove with it and the photos it takes will improve, but that hasn't happened. I think I'll put it on Ebay and try to get another Canon. It was worth a shot, but I've learned my lesson. A crappy camera just sucks all the joy out of photo taking for me.

We got the estimate for the basement finishing project we've had in the works for YEARS now. $22,000. OUCH! But I noticed an error in the estimate right away. We initially talked about putting in a hallway that leads to the office, but nixed that idea and just decided to have the office space open right into the new guest bedroom. It's a nice size for an office, but if we ever list this house one day, it will more likely be called a walk-in closet. So that is one less wall and one less door that we need. We'll see if the change affects the estimate at all.

It will be nice to have a real playroom for the boys. Then I can get my dining room back! Gee...maybe I can finally get the cool craftsman style dining room furniture I've been eyeing for a decade too.

Tomorrow is the closing ceremonies for Little League. The season seemed so short! Tyler is beside himself with anticipation. He'll be receiving his very first trophy and he can hardly contain his excitement. I can't wait to finally see the team photo and get Tyler's "baseball cards". Yep! Ty will have his very own rookie card. I hope it's as cute as the sample I saw a few months ago when the order was placed. Naturally, I'll have photos to post later on. I have photos from the carnival (mostly crappy...damn that HP camera!) and some other stuff. Maybe I'll post a photo or two of bath time (strategically cropped, of course).


I guess I should get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another long, activity filled day. Hope you all have/had a good weekend!

Monday, June 11, 2007

So THAT'S what all the fussin' has been about...

Look who has teeth!

Max has teeth!

My usually happy-go-lucky little fella has been a crankfest of late. Now I see why! He was very happy to chew on his rubber baby spoon after a dish full of pears.

Can you see what I see?

Friday, June 08, 2007

Bad Boys, Bad Boys...whatchagonnado

I dug out an older photo from my collection today. Naturally I just had to add Max. Here is baby John, baby Tyler, and now baby Max too...passing on the family tradition. Care to wager on how long it will be before we need to replace this VCR/DVD combo unit?

Boys Will Be Boys