My Little Rookie

It was another nice day, weather wise. Max and I had fun hanging out on our blanket in the field as we watched the festivities for Lakeland Little League's closing ceremonies. Tyler has been floating on a cloud and is so proud of his cool little trophy. He insists we need a new home addition...a special room just to hold his trophies. Hee hee!

None of the photos John and I took came out great. I'll have to try and get a photo of Tyler with his trophy later.

We finally got the team photo and Tyler's official first season Little League photo. Honestly, I wasn't totally happy. It's a cute photo of Ty, but the rookie card was not at ALL how I had hoped. It was just a basic "frame" around the photo on standard photo paper. No stats on the other side.

So I took the basic photo and made my own card! I added logos from the Detroit Tigers (their MLB namesakes). The stat side of the card I based on a rookie card from the 80s. That is the only decade in which I actually followed MLB (I was a Red Sox fan). I have to giggle over the stats. Every kid got to bat twice in every game and Tyler had a hit at every at bat. So he's got a perfect batting average! Where are the pro scouts when you need them? LOL!


Astaryth said…
Oh, I love how you made the stats and things like the back of the card should be... And Tyler is just tooooo cute!
kelly said…
Now that is just too cute.
Congrats to Tyler on a great season !!
Jo Beaufoix said…
That looks fab.

I bet Tyler thinks it's fantastic too.

He looks very professional, and , ok, far too cute.
Dawn said…
You did a great job with the stats.
Such fun for Tyer and good memories for you.
Anonymous said…
Belated congrats on the anniversary! Time does fly. I can't believe I have been married for 30 years!

Tyler looks great. Always a cutie. I love what you did with the card....they should have had you make them, lol!
You are such a techno goddess. I kneel before your excellence.

Tabby has been asked to audition for a part in a program about homeschoolers! I am supposed to make a five minute movie about her by July 12 and I am freaking. I wish you lived closer! Still I guess her basic Tabbyness will come through no matter what a mess her mom makes of her audition tape.
Okay, I've been catching up - much more quickly than I expected; blog more! - and resisted the temptation to comment on the Enterprise (I don't like Archer) finalized adoption (congrats!) and other entries. But I have to say that I love Ty's rookie card. The career highlights are my favorite part.

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