Bad Boys, Bad Boys...whatchagonnado

I dug out an older photo from my collection today. Naturally I just had to add Max. Here is baby John, baby Tyler, and now baby Max too...passing on the family tradition. Care to wager on how long it will be before we need to replace this VCR/DVD combo unit?

Boys Will Be Boys


Jo Beaufoix said…
Is it the same VCR/DVD unit with both Tyler and Max?

My older daughter regularly put toast in our old VCR so not surprisingly it passed away quietly in her sleep. I think it probably choked on the crumbs.

My 2 year old can actually use the DVD and VCR now, though I do regularly have to clean yogurt off the dvds before they will actually work.

As long as she doesn't find a way to put dvds in the toaster I think we'll be ok.
jennifer said…
I give it until September. :o)
Donna said…
I sure enjoy watching Max grow and develop.
Two Write Hands said…
Those are all great shots to frame side-by-side. How adorable to see them all together! :)
Shari said…
Ha! You'll be lucky it lasts until August :x

Love the side by side pics Becky.
Chris said…
I'd bet one grilled cheese sandwich....or wait..maybe a peanut butter n jelly sandwich. Oh, you said "when" not "what" would be the demise of said vcr/dvd

Have a great weekend!
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