Max Speaks!

Maybe I should just turn this into a straight video and photo blog.

Nah. I am just burnt out from our visit last week. Not much to say...brain needs more sleep. If you notice the grocery and garbage bag covered pillar behind Max in the video...Hubby did that to try and discourage Spartacus from using it and the one next to it as his own personal climbers wall. That cat's claws get SHARP. He is scaling sheer drywall 12 feet high! Nutso cat. I should get a video of THAT.

Won't be long now before I no longer have ANY quiet moments during the day. ;-) For now, I do occasionally enjoy the silence.

Asleep in the bouncer

But it never last long.

Proud Little Roller


He gets cuter every day.

Interested in adopting again yet?
We have another pregnant teen that I am hoping will choose adoption over abortion. That little girl baby I told you about was born safely a month or so ago. I am so glad she was not killed!
love, Kas
Donna said…
He's so CUTE!!! I WANT that baby. Well, maybe for an hour or two, anyhow. I do believe he was trying to say mama.
Anonymous said…
...except "baba" isn't a word! it can't be his first word esepcially when he doesn't point at the bottle and say it. nice try tho. hang in there.
TopazScorpio27 said…
He is so cute! I swear sometimes Collin says hi but no one believes me. Then again no one believed me on the belly laugh thing either. Still back to Max. It's a definite first word. If anyone tries to tell you different by Mr. Max a stuffed sheep and then ask,"What sound does a sheep make?" "Baba." -Dawn-
ally said…
baby Max has grown so much! definitely cuter every since time i see him.

your cat must like heights/challenge. definitely a first for me about a cat scaling a wall. my old cat was such a lazy thing lounging around.
Anonymous said…
What an adorable clip! I couldn't help but sit and smile as I listened to Max talking away. Enjoy this!

Hope you are having a healthy happy Easter! Been thinking about you.

Anonymous said…
looks like it's just baba for now, LOL loved the babbling, so happy baby max is! :) netti
Sara said…
Ba ba ba ba ba Max... he will know what I mean ;o) He he, I'm loving all the pics and video's, keep them coming!
Sara x

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