Easter Redux

I baked the most gorgeous ham yesterday. It was covered in pineapple rings with maraschino cherries in the centers and coated in a tasty honey maple glaze. A ten pound, spiral cut, hickory smoked ham is a bit much for 2 people; but it was FREE. Our supermarket has nice promotions (spend X and get a free turkey, lasagna, ham...yadda.) Best part? We'll have leftovers for days and days! Sometimes it pays to be part of a dysfunctional family.

Since Tyler missed the annual town Easter egg hunt (first time in his life - we've been there every year since he was born), the Easter Bunny was kind enough to arrange a hunt right here in the house for Sunday morning. He left Tyler a note and an empty basket right outside his bedroom door. The note said he had 48 eggs to find and another basket full of goodies. Tyler found all 48 eggs and only had help on 3 of them. Pretty impressive!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's a link to a couple photos in celebration of Easter.


Anonymous said…
I enjoyed all the photographs - Max is soooo cute. :-)

Glad you enjoyed your Easter dinner - that ham sounds yummy.

aria said…
mmmmmm ham

cute cute pics too :)
Shari said…
Great pics Becky!
I LOVE pineapple ham :)
Chris said…
Drooling over your ham.

Souonds like you guys had a great weekend!

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Unhinged said…
I swear, you and John are the bestest parents ever.

(Are you adopting 39-year-olds, by any chance?)

If not, can I have a piece of ham?

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