Look Out World - Another Teen on the Road!

John sold the old Taurus today. Not too bad, considering it was just listed in the paper on Monday. Once again we sold a car to a concerned parent buying a first car for their teen. Last time, we sold my old car (a cute and sporty Contour) to a young girl headed off to college. This time, it was a boy just finishing his first year at college. He needed reliable transportation to get him to his summer internship. His dad insisted on "safe" while, I'm sure, the boy wanted something fast and hot looking. Dads can be real party poopers in cases like this, thank heavens.

Although I remember MY dad was more concerned about the "cost" than the safety and reliability of the junkers he helped me purchase in my teen years. Man, I had some real shit-boxes that frequently left me stranded. Perhaps parents didn't worry as much about their teenaged daughters walking home late at night after a car breakdown back in the stone ages of the 80s. Were there less freaks, perverts and rapists back then? Perhaps.

It makes me feel good that we are becoming quite the resource for young, first time car owners. We are purveyors of quality, well-maintained, used automobiles.

Be safe out there, young man. Don't drive like I did! *cough*


Wil said…
Becky, your Dad was just making sure you were confident and resourceful when confronted by a crisis...
lj said…
Thats a great looking car. My daughter would love it but at this point she would love any car. my first car was a total death trap and my dad also only cared about price but i didnt understand that because he didnt pay a penny for it, i did.
Take care,
Anonymous said…
nice car.....great that it;s going to a "good home" so to speak, although i'm sure he'd rather be driving ford's latest mustang instead of it's latest taurus! LOL i was always a mustang girl myself, but like you, was all about the cost, and i even had to buy my own car, so it was cost and looks, which translates to hunka junk breaking down all the time! LOL nettie
Stupid AOL didn't want to open the comment box...grumble...

My first car was my mom's old station wagon. The only time I got in trouble for dangerus driving was when I intentionally took members of the Trek club for a drive during a blizzard. We later learned there was an 87-car pile-up on Route 81 that night!

One of the first cars I had was my father's worn out VW Bug. I drove it nearly to death, then passed it onto my brother who drove it from PA to Denver and back several times, and also went camping in the high Rockies with it, before it died a permanent death in the Poconos years later. We had a funeral for her! Thanks for the memories, Becky! Margo

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