If a tree falls in the forest...

It was very noisy here, for a couple days. We had "Joe Tree" in to do some work. Our backyard is, er, multi-level? We have about a 12 foot wide stretch of grass, then a row of substantial boulders, followed by about a 5 ft. drop-off to a lower level which, until last week, was heavily wooded. While I loved the privacy this stretch of forest provided, that lower portion of yard was about half our property. Tyler is getting bigger and it's about time he had more space to play.

I'd love to get him one of those HUGE cedar climber swing set thingies. But while Joe was clear cutting the trees and underbrush back there, I was sitting at my desk wincing with guilt every time I heard the chainsaw and resulting CRASH. All those poor saplings...turned into mulch. TIMBER! Ouch. The Sierra Club is gonna revoke my membership.

So what do you think? Big difference, right?

Yeah, now we can see the neighbor's houses over on the next street. It was nice not really being able to see their backyards for 3 seasons out of the year, but oh well. There are still SOME trees back there. I want to plant a row of tall flowering bushes, of some kind, in the very back of the yard. I think that will add back some measure of privacy (plus it will look really pretty).

I sometimes wish I were more of an outdoorsy type. I'd love to get out there and plant a flowering tree in the front yard, plant some flowers around the mailbox and in front of the house...yadda. Yes, I want the house to have more curb appeal. But eh. I'm not gonna be the one to do it. I am still hoping the husband will change his mind about my front walk and back yard oasis plans I worked out with a local landscaper. I know how great this house COULD look. I just don't have the wherewithal to do it myself.


Shari said…
It looks great Becky. I am so not an outside person but I actually enjoyed doing my gardens. I did them with a friend and it was a fun day. There are so many cool things to do and you can just keep adding to it. Go get a better homes and gardens magazine and go nuts in the nursery!
V said…
Wow! Are they mountains in the background, in your new view?
Ooh. I'm feeling awfully ambivalent here. I hope this is all for the best! - K.
Aria said…
Wow, what a change. I hear you about the play space, Sarah now has the back patio to herself. We installed a pool fence yesterday.
Anonymous said…
It looks great Becky : )
Kelly said…
Sorry, the above comment wasn't supposed to say*
anonymous, it was from me,Kelly
Unhinged said…
Well, I think the AFTER pics make it look like there's a path back there. And that's something, right?

I'm not an outdoors-ey person, either. Bugs scare me. I yelp and flinch and generally look like quite a boob, something that provided my ex with lots of amusement.

People like you and me can make an oasis INside, though. And we can leave window and patio screens open, where the bugs cain't get us!

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