Tuesday, March 07, 2006

What's on your bookshelves?

Your Monday Photo Assignment: Show us what's in your bookshelf right now.

I hope you all can see and read the text on this. This is a good sampling of what is on my various bookshelves. What am I reading right now? Here is my nightstand:

A little "Od Magic" and that ugly box? That contains a draft of my friend Karen's first two books. This is what I am currently reading. I read by Itty Bitty Booklight just before I fall asleep each night. Some nights I can read more pages than others before my eyes get heavy (or the husband complains about the light in his eyes). I really should get to bed earlier so I'll have more time for reading. Really. I should.


V said...


Karen Funk Blocher said...


Those Easton Press books look so...so... respectable! You hardly ever see high quality bindings on sf and fantasy, outside of maybe Tolkien and Lovecraft. So what are the titles?

I do all my reading at bedtime also. You know the result: not enough sleep!


Shari said...

Wow! Holy books batman!
I usually do my reading at night too. But I have to say when I am done, unless i REALLY loved the book, I pass it on to a friend or relative and never see it again. I'm cool with it though!
I have to day that our book shelves only contain Dr. Suess, lol! Kids books are all I keep on hand here.