I heard my son exclaim as he woke up this morning, "Oh no! I leaked!" Nothing worse than waking up in a puddle. Or is there. I woke up in a puddle of sweat. Every muscle in my body was screaming and I had the cramps from hell.

Do I feel old? No. I just feel sick and tired. That's different.

The husband was a gem and he ran to fetch me some Tylenol. The directions said take 2. I took 3 and hoped for the best. Meanwhile, John and Ty shared a bowl of cheerios and milk, got ready to go and then John drove him to school for me. [Thanks Hun!] I curled back up in bed and waited for the Tylenol to start working.

Then, I started to feel better. A lot better. I gave the cats a final snuggle, slid out of bed and into a hot shower. I used my new Rain scented body wash. Mmm...smells good! After the shower I was feeling positively perky. I combed out the snarls in my hair and contemplated my wardrobe options.

Ah! New black panties...made of sexy tactel and lycra. Stretchy, lacey and cumfy. Good combo. New bra! Coral pink "no wire" underwire. Does it lift and separate? No. It inflates and creates. Got to love a good illusion. Tahitian vanilla sparkle body spray...oh yeah! Hot pink shirt and purple cords? Why not!

I checked the ensemble in the mirror. Now I was feeling sassy! I added my pretty silver pendant John got me for Christmas, jumped into my loafers and sashayed out the door floating on a scented vanilla cloud. Time to pick Tyler up at school. I cranked up the radio in the van and began singing along with a classic Ozzy Osbourne tune.

Why is that woman in the green jeep grinning at me? Ah...she's caught my sassy vibe. Ooooh yeah. She's feelin' it.

As I entered Tyler's school, the director waved to me from her office and said "You look good today!" Why, thank you very much! I feel good today!

Tyler announced that lunch at school was "something yucky" so I surprised him with a trip through the McDonalds drive-thru.

When we arrived home, I set up Tyler's lunch at the table and I brought mine over to my desk. I wanted to capture this mood in words and share it with the blogaverse.

As I sat down, I checked my email first. One subject caught my eye immediately. "Birthday Wishes from Real Simple." Awesome. Birthday spam.

Then it hit me. Oh my birthday is tomorrow. I am turning FORTY.

The "sassy" hissed out of me like air from a leaky balloon.

I'm too young to be 40.


Christine said…
Just strolling along, having a great day and KA-BLEWY!

I tell people all the time that I'm too young to be this old.

And then again, in all seriousness, unless your pic is ten years old, you sooooooooooooooooo don't look your age, ya' little hottie.

Oh, and TAG!
Aria said…
hehe, 40 is nuttin. I've dated guys at least 12 years older than that.
Fabulous can happen at any age, and you, my dear, are fabulous.
Gail in MN said…
Turning 40 on the Ides of March. Hmmm.
Ah, well, have a very happy one!!
(my hubby turns a year older than me on March 16. It's been a few years since he's seen 40 and he's better than ever, so don't dread the big 4-0. It's just a number.)
Laura said…
clearly Becky missed the memo...
40 IS the new 30!
We 40 somethings are hot!
Happy birthday you sweet young thing from your 4 years and one week!
Shari said…
Astaryth said…
Forty? Phhhhhht! 40 is nothing. I've been doing the 40's for 5 years now {g}. I'm with Laura.. The 40's are the new 30's! Happy early birthday!
Kelly said…
I turn 40 in November.I'm doing OK with that.
What I totally can't believe and am having a hard time dealing with is that my son, my first born child will turn 20 in May ::sniff sniff::
Celeste said…
soubokThe 40's have been the best years of my life!
Dawn said…
Ahaa, Your still a spring chicken. Age is just a number. Don't give it another thought.
Wil said…
But a sexy 40...
I love my them! They are so much better than the thirties...just wait, you'll see!
SmilinMon said…
Oh my do I ever relate about being to young to be 40 ... it doesn't get any better when you become 40 something and losing count because you can no longer count that high! Or in my case, refuse. Happy birthday! Loved the gift you got, I've had my eyes on one myself .. but, camera's and other stuff keep coming first.

alphawoman said…
Happy belated birthday!!

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