There it is... I haven't really gone through it yet. I found an email group of parents adopting from China and have been reading the oodles of posts that come through there each day, for the last couple days. My initial optimistic assessment of how long this process takes will need to be revised. Seven months is probably the BEST case scenario. It will probably take a bit longer than that.

I've also been sitting here and wondering about my agency choice. Holt was the first agency that popped into my head (it was the one we had decided on when we first researched Korean adoption many moons ago before we went Domestic). But are they the best choice in our area for China? I realize I haven't a clue. I'm hoping my new friends on the APC Yahoo group can offer some opinions on that one.

So. Here I sit. Clueless but still planning to read that package tomorrow. Thoughts race through my head at 90 miles an hour and it's hard to concentrate and filter things. Maybe after a good night's sleep my battle plan will become clear to me tomorrow.

And so, I sally forth into my quest for the perfect agency (or at least one that doesn't suck eggs)... Send me some positive vibes, y'all. Thanks.


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