Interesting day today... We went to see our new family attorney to sign our wills (Thanks Meyer!). The fact that John and I have wills now is a great load off my mind. Not that I am planning to GO anywhere any time soon, but it pays to be prepared. Must be all those years in Girl Scouts.

Tyler was very well behaved, for the most part, during our will read-through. Afterward, we took him to lunch. Wendy's again. *Giggle* I think we are in a rut. Since Ty missed his Gymboree class, we took him to his favorite indoor play place.

Time In
is a really neat place. It's like an amazing playground with huge climbing structures, soft play surface and tons of things to keep your average pre-schooler occupied for hours...and it's very safe. They take your shoes at the door, put a special coded band on your child's ankle and give you a sort of claim check. Your claim check code number has to match the number on the child's ankle, or they won't let you leave. Plus you have to be buzzed in and out, so it's very safe.

Now here's my dilema. I want to have Tyler's birthday party at this place. It's fairly pricey, so I need to have more than just Ty's two cousins to invite. Sadly, the playgroup we belonged to sorta fell apart a few months ago. Everyone seemed to be too busy to come and play. I sent all the former playgroup members two dates to check and see if any of them wanted to bring their kids to a party. So far, I only have one response. Pathetic!

I wish my brother or John's sister would have some kids! What is wrong with them? Ty needs some more kids in this family. Sheesh! I feel so bad for him. All the kids in this neighborhood are too old for him, except one. And that kid's mom is so odd. I invited her to join our playgroup and she only came one time. I could tell she felt very uncomfortable while she was here (it was at my house that time). So how do I go about finding more friends for my lonely little boy?

I sure hope this adoption goes through quickly. Tyler really DOES need a baby sister. Big time! In the mean time, I guess we can always grab Grandma and the cousins and just go to Chuck E Cheeses for an impromptu party. Ty will love it, what ever we do.

Now for some fun! I went outside AOL and created a special place to host my little video projects from. If you have a high speed connection (or if you are VERY patient), go here to see a cute little film from our recent snow day. (Kim, Stuart, guys already saw this one. LOL)


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