Finally!! Yay me!

Thank you to the AOL Journals editors for featuring me as an Editor's Pick.

* When I first bought "natural peanut butter", I was a bit put off by the inch of oil floating on top. It took a lot of muscle power to blend that cement thick paste and oil together, but keeping the jar in the fridge really does keep it from separating (and keeps it fresh). Can you tell I am eating a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich right now? Mmm! Any ideas on how to get my ΓΌber picky son to try it?

* Had a bit of a set back in the potty training with Ty. Not to be gross, but he's only made a couple nuggets in the poop category. Yesterday he ASKED for a diaper so he could, er, do his business. *sigh* So how do I get him to cut loose on the potty? He's got the whole "pee" thing down. No problem.

* Tyler is also suffering from a horrible case of the I want's. He wants every toy he sees on TV. I may just have to turn off the TV until Christmas or poor Santa is gonna get a hernia trying to deliver to our house.

* Has anyone tried that new 7-UP with the vitamins in it? I am really curious, but I keep forgetting to buy it when I'm at the store. Soda is one of the things John usually gets on his monthly run to Sam's Club.

* I think my hubby is a tad annoyed with me. I was swept up in the joy of holiday shopping and forgot to consider when all these boxes would be dropped on our doorstep. Ooops! I didn't think about things being delivered while we were away. He is concerned that our nice neighbor across the street will throw his back out if my newcoffee table is delivered while we are gone. They usually keep an eye out for boxes and hold them for us if we are away. Oh boy.

* Finally...while researching a mystery structure in a photo my pal Sammie sent us (she wanted to know what it was too), John found this really cool website with all sorts of places off the beaten track in New York. Check out Forgotten New York if you ever wanted to know more about the places they never talk about in the tour guides and cool stuff about the history of the area. I love the subways section. :-)


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