Not pretty...

So here I sit, at John's laptop here in Max's hospital room. I am currently covered in the remains of runny poo from my chest to my knee. Poor Max has explosive diarrhea from all the antibiotics and his diaper leaked BADLY. Of course I don't have a change of clothes for me. I bring clothes for him, for John but didn't think about me. *sigh* I called home but John hadn't gone to sleep yet. He made the stupid mistake of calling his mother first. She got him all upset and he is too tired to make sense, never mind drive. So I'll just be here for the rest of the day. Poo covered.

Yep. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself at the moment. Max is fine. Doing well. Ready to go home. Rough night tho. His IV stopped working in the wee hours so they had to put in a new one. John got to experience that trauma first hand this time. Glad I was asleep at home with Tyler. I couldn't take it again. I wouldn't let them touch him. They'd just have to find another way to get the antibiotic into his body. No more IV pokes!

I bet I stink. Only so much babywipes can do. Oh well. At least Max is napping. I can sit here and try to dry off in peace. I hope John went to sleep. I will have to kill him if he isn't getting some rest. I can't deal with him when he is that sleep deprived. It just makes me cry.


Anonymous said…
OMG, poor little guy :( I don't like IVs myself, at all, and I have to be docile and cooperative because I'm and 'adult' and have this silly desire to be 'tough' and not complain or show pain. But Max is so small :( Kids shouldn't have to be subjected to these kinds of illness. (and moms shouldnt have to spend the day covered in poo, poor Becky!) Hope all is better soon!

Michelle said…
I just got caught up on Max's adventure. Poor little guy. I will send healing prayers for him for sure. Does he still get released tomorrow or is that on hold?
Unhinged said…
Aw, Becky.

Is there an extra hospital gown thingy in the closet? (If not, ask for one...I'm sure once the nurse realizes why you're asking, one will be given to you.)

Then, you can take off the smelly poo shirt and wash the shirt. Maybe a kindly nurse will even wash both the shirt and pants for you. Can't hurt to ask.

Keep your chin up. You'll all be home tomorrow.
Donna H said…
As to borrow a pair of scrubs. Yes once the nurses realize why you are asking they should be more than willing to find you something. In the ER we kept spare clothes in our utility closet for such things.

As for Max, I am soooo sorry he is having to go thru this. I know it must be so difficult for you and your family too. My continued prayers for a speedy recovery to his happy healthy self
Bridgett said…
Poor baby AND poor mommy.

Hope things are better today!

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