With all the medical drama, it took me until last Thursday to realize that Max was sleeping in a full sized single bed in the hospital (craftmatic style). It took John until Saturday to notice and discuss our options. So Monday morning before Tyler and I took off to pick up John and Max at the hospital, I got Max's new bedding sorted, his new "big boy" bed assembled. No more crib or pack-n-play!

Max was thrilled with his new bed when he got home but after sleeping with his Dad all week, he had a bit of a hard time settling to sleep. So John slept on the floor next to him. Such a good daddy! But Max did stay in his bed and slept all night! Woo hoo!

Tyler also had a milestone slip by us this week. He spent his first night away from home. Overnight at Grandma's house, so I could get one night with my bed to myself. :) He did pretty well, all things considered. Next step...a week with Nanny and Grampy! Be ready, you two. ;)

Whew. Last week was overwhelming. I feel like I will never feel rested or relaxed ever again.


Donna. W said…
Your babies are growing up fast!
Unknown said…
You'll get rested, eventually. I think it will happen around 2025.

I'm so glad you guys are home and Max is better.
jennifer said…
YAY for no more hospital for Max. And he comes home to a new bed! And an overnighter at the grandparents. Whoa. That's a big step. My grandson is almost 12 and our house is the only place he feels safe overnight.

Rest? You're a mom. I don't think that's in your job description. :o)

So glad Max is better and all of you can live again in your home.
Unhinged said…
Ahhh, big sigh for you all.

You and John are some super fine parents, and I hope you both can get some time away just to recharge soon. But I bet you won't, because you'd both feel too guilty. (Which is a crock, I says.)

Sweet Zsss to Beckyfambly.
Bridgett said…
Awww, bravo to your kiddos on being big boys.

You've had so much going on the past's easy to let things go unnoticed.

But yay for Max's big boy bed!

I bet he was thrilled. :)

Wil said…
Been a month now. How are the wee bairns doing? You? John? Mom and Dad?

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