Sick Baby, Tired Mommy, and a Crazy Cat!

Eventful week here at the old Yanagi homestead. I'm plum tuckered out! Max has another Spring cold (or is it allergies? Maybe teething?) Poor kid is so stuffed up and sneezy right now. He was up half the night before I finally got my act together and dosed him with cold meds, nose drops, baby Vicks on his neck and chest, AND got the warm mist vaporizer cranking.

Meanwhile, Sparty the cat spent a few days convalescing at his vet. We made the difficult decision to have his front claws removed. I've never declawed a cat in my life! I've always had strong feelings against it...but Sparty is the devil! There are no heights or surfaces he won't try to climb. The plaster covered columns in our dining room are covered with massive scratches and gouges practically all the way up to the ceiling (15 feet up). The cat is part simian, I swear! He has tried to scale door frames, doors, screens, furniture, walls and all my good towels on every towel rack in the house. You would find it a challenge to locate any surface in this house that has NOT been damaged by Sparty in some way.

I bought this special cat litter the vet recommended for him to use for a couple weeks while his paws heal. It looks so weird! Like rabbit or guinea pig feed. It's called Yesterday's News and is apparently made from recycled paper. We'll see if the cats will use the box when it's filled with something so odd. I'd better get all the laundry baskets up off the floor, just in case.

Tyler made some new friends out in the yard this week too. We've gone outside a few times to play with his new set of giant sidewalk chalk. I've been transported back to my own childhood when I would spend most of the day outside trying to invent new scenarios for games of "Let's Pretend". Tyler announced that I am WAY more fun to play with outside than his Daddy is. Aww! That made my day, honestly. (Sorry Hun!)

So, I'll call this post done and leave you with a video of my wacky baby and looney tunes cat...and a couple photos of Tyler with his new friends.


Emily Suess said…
Don't know why, but that cat ripping through the video makes me giggle!
Anonymous said…
That cat is going to be PISSED the first time he tries to climb those towels again. I wonder if they know that those things don't work anymore right away or if it takes a few hard whacks on the floor to figure it out? Yesterday's news works really well and is really gentle on the cats feet. Back in the day (haha) people just continued to use their regular litter, which would become stuck to the cats paws and make walking quite painful, causing some cats to discontinue using a litter box all together. I too am not fond of declawing but he sounds like he needed it. I can say I worked at a vet's office (and almost got fired for refusing to assist in a declaw... I didn't end up assiting though) but the kitten seemed pretty good the next morning. Not in too much pain and he was only on mild pain relievers, tylenol for cats basically.
Anonymous said…
Shelby ADORES tent "callipears".

We did have to get one of my cats declawed--he learned to tear out window screens in pre-aircondioning days on a 4 lane road..and got we got him declawed. he was in a lot of pain for a few days and it made me feel guilty, but he lived to be 22 years old. If he'd been hit by a car again, his life span would have been about three years!

love, Kas
Chris said…
Ack! Tent catepillars! I hate those tree eating critters! Fortunately, we haven't had them in a few years because I pretreat our susceptible trees each autumn with soapy water.
Yes, it is a crazy household-just like any other one that contains kids, cats, caterpillars and parents. I really laughted at Max spinning and Sparty dashing back and forth. I'm sure Sparty will be fine once he adjusts to the idea that he can'r make it to the top of the curtains anymore. Margo

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