Max Stands Up!

I was all set to post a video of Max from a couple days ago that shows how much progress he has made with his crawling. He's up on all fours most of the time now and only occasionally resorting to army crawl or rolling. But then look what he went and did today!!! He's only 7 months old! I'm sooooo not ready for this yet!

Heck, I just put the finishing touches on his room today. These cute wall-hangings that match his crib set were on back-order for ages. I didn't think I would ever get his room done. And now, we have to lower the mattress and 86 the bumper. :-( It's soooo cute. I hate to put it away already.

Somewhere I have "before" pics of what used to be our guest room. No clue where they went. Just imagine less furniture, different drapes and bedding and next to nothing on the walls.


Emily Suess said…
Awesome room! You're one of those mom's that can do anything aren't you? :)
Oh, you're in for it now!

Mandy walked very late--she was seventeen months old...and my two others walked at about seven-eight months.

It is a lot easier when they can't walk!

What a little cutie pie he is!

love, Kas
Anonymous said…
Yay Max!!!
Aww, that's so cute, and you sound so proud :o)
Loved it!
Sara x
Anonymous said…
Now the fun begins again. He's a doll. Love what you have done with the room.
Chris said…
Nice job on the room! With all of the work you are obviously the heck do you find time to write?

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Anonymous said…
How clever is your little boy?
I have two little girls, one 6 and one 2 and they both walked at 10 months.
I bet he'll be even earlier.

It'll soon be time to move all the breakables and edibles and edible breakables (everything's a possible edible when you're under 2) up one level.

My 2 year old can now reach the kitchen side, while my 6 year old is just at my elbow height which is unlucky for her.

They grow so fast.
I used to tell Meg to crawl, crawl, crawl so she wouldn't start walking too soon (for me).It didn't work. You wil be busy, busy now, that's for sure! The room is beautiful. Margo
Anonymous said…
Woohoo Max!

Watch out world, here he comes.


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