Max says hi (and so do I)! Actually, it sounds more like "hoo!" but he says it over and over if you say "hi" to him repeatedly. LOL! This kid is so funny! He will let out a loud squeal and then scan the room to see the reactions. He gets a very pleased look on his face if he makes us laugh and he will squeal again and again until Tyler is on the floor rolling with laughter.

The boys make each other laugh way more often than we are able to make them laugh. Tyler is the only one who has gotten a full on hysterical belly laugh out of Max, so far. I could watch the two of them all day when they are interacting with each other.

Other than being exhausted (with no motivation or ideas for posts), nothing much is going on. The highlight of this month will be the finalization of Max's adoption this week... For Mother's Day, what better gift could there be?



Donna. W said…
Sounds like Max is the perfect fit for your family. Babies always react more to other kids than they do with grownups.
Emily Suess said…
Wow, do kiddos ever grow up fast. What a great Mother's Day for you!
Astaryth said…
Baby Max is adorable and sounds like he has a wonderful personality to boot! I figured the lack of posts was mostly exhaustion/being busy with 2 kids!
jennifer said…
Awwww. I just lurve that little face.
Anonymous said…
Gosh, Max is so cute. What a pleasure for you to watch your two boys laughing together. Happy Mother's Day dear.
Laura said…
we need a tyler and max photo.
how wonderful the adoption is being finalized. of course we demand more pictures and such.
BosieLadie said…
What a cutie!!!
Wow. Max is georgous, too. What a determined look on that face. I think it's grest the kids make each other laugh so much. It certainly makes their future relationshp soung like fun. Margo
Anonymous said…
He he, hooo Max :o)
Lovely that Tyler and Max make each other laugh so much.
Sara x

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