Honey? Where is the BIG baby gate?

Max is right on the brink of being very seriously mobile. He gets around pretty well at the moment, but at a pace I can keep up with most of the time. But once he gets that serious "on-all-fours" momentum going, I'm gonna need my jogging shoes for sure! Now is the time to batten down the hatches. I need my big gate that blocks the entrance to my kitchen and office area. That thing kept Tyler from getting into serious trouble for his first couple years of life...I hope it works for Max too.

So far, Max has only made a bee-line for the cat food dishes once. My bad. I should have known he'd be drawn to the sound of kibble pouring into aluminum bowls...it makes that cool hail on a tin roof sound.

He is such a sweetie, but everything he touches goes into his mouth - much worse than Tyler - but Tyler lacked Max's good humor about teething. Tyler was miserable, snotty, drooly and mildly feverish. Max? He just wants to stick everything and anything in his mouth, but he does it with a grin. I can't complain about that!


Donna. W said…
Wow, he's right on the verge of crawling, for sure!
Astaryth said…
Gotta love a happy baby! He just keeps getting cuter!!
Anonymous said…
I used to love eating Lil Friskies when I was little.
Anonymous said…
Go Max!
Anonymous said…
Sooo close, he's almost there isn't he... I want a Max, I do, he he :o)
Sara x
Am having probs leaving comments here, hope this saves ok :o(
How much fun is that? Myla(now 10.5 months) has a wicked scoot-crawl that gets her across the floor really quickly, but I remember her at Maz's stage very well. Margo

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