School Daze

Last year I took a really cute photo of Tyler standing on the front steps, wearing his new backpack and ready for his first day of school. I decided right then that I wanted to make it an annual tradition...that front step, first day of school photo.

I missed it. Not because I didn't have my camera with me that day...but because my mind wasn't on his first day of official Pre-K. It was on where we were going AFTER school that day. Which was here:

Children's Hospital

We had to take Ty in for a follow up visit with the specialist about his kidney. They are still monitoring him, so no new news there. I was so focused on trying to make the visit as nonstressful and fun as possible, I totally forgot the first day of school photo.

Check out the cool exam room:

The bench seat in this one is orangey brown. The last time it was a different room and the seat part and cushion were a dark blue (way prettier). But I love how cumfy they made these rooms. Ty settles right in and makes himself at home. Plus he's got his blankie and favorite stuffed animal, Cow the cow, to comfort him.

The waiting room at this place is amazing too. They have a play house for the kids, a giant fish tank, a giant screen TV tuned into cartoons, kiosks with video games, loads of books...all in this adorable faux park-like setting complete with benches and artificial trees. They sure did a great job of making the whole "scary hospital" vibe go away.

So, no sweat. I could just take a photo of Tyler on the front steps on day 2 of school. Right? Pfft. No, I forgot again. But I did stop in to his old class room and ask his teachers from last year if we could take a photo with them. Ty LOVED his teachers and misses them terribly. They happily agreed and we followed them out into the playground with their new students and I snapped this quick shot (Miss Trina and Miss Jo):

Awww! I just found out that Miss Jo left the school and took another job too. So sad. She was so nice. I haven't mentioned that fact to Tyler. I think it would really upset him if he knew she was gone. He still tells me now and then that he wants to go back to his old room.

So, here we are at the end of week three of school. Finally, I took a front step photo.

He really didn't have that back to school excitement this year since he never really LEFT school. We was still going there every day, they just called it Summer Camp instead. Next year I think I will take him out for a month or two before he starts kindergarten. I think he needs a real summer vacation so that he can really appreciate the excitement of going back to school (and I can get that really cute first day photo).


Carly said…
Hey Becky

Jeepers, he is really getting to be a big guy. I can already picture you next year, camera in hand. :) I will be looking forward to that. :)
Astaryth said…
What a cutie he is!

I wish my Dr's had a fun waiting room like that... maybe I would go when I should {LOL}
Laura said…
awwww he is so cute!
and???????? when do we hear the results of the followup visit?
jennifer said…
Kids get all the cool things. And it's usually the grownups who need the distractions. Ty's SOOO cute, looking like the big man he is at school and all.

Hope he enjoys his last year of easy work before the real tough Kindergarten stuff hits him. (That break before the big K is a good idea.) he considering Halloween costume ideas yet?
BosieLadie said…
Oh!!! I hope everything turns out okay with Ty's kidneys. Something like that, can be so scary for a little guy like him. You've done real good keeping the fear down to a dull roar. I love the photos of Ty's school teachers. He's getting so big!
Anonymous said…
Just dropping by to see what's new with you and your family. Ty is growing like a weed. Praying that his med results will be good. Hugs.
Nancy said…
I'm in love!
Sending happy, healing thoughts his way...

Unhinged said…
You two are such cool parents. If I was a kid, I'd want you and John to be my mommy and daddy.

So do you know how the tests turned out yet?
Barbara said…
He is such a cute kid. I hope he enjoys pre K. We will be praying that the tests come back ok.
I hope the tests come out okay- Tyle has grown a lot. I remember when he was a toddler. Hope you and John are doing well, too. Margo
Soo cute and big, how do they grow so fast?

I hope all the tests come back clear.

Sarah bear says Hi and she wants to go play with Tyler.
Sara said…
What a cool hospital!! It's nice when they make an effort like that, to make it a better experience for those little ones. Hope Ty's results are good.
Sara x
Chris said…
such a freaking cute kid!

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