"Dream Homes"

This week's Round Robin Photo Challenge topic is Dream Homes. I had a specific home in mind, but a fever of 101.5 for the last 2 days and crappy rainy weather put a damper on my plans to take a photo jaunt to Denville. So...

Here is another dream home I photographed on our last trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It's a model home I fell in love with. Waaaaaaaay out of our price range, but hey - a girl can dream. I love looking at model homes. It takes that whole "Craftsman" style to an extreme.

I wish that white car hadn't parked there. It totally robs the photo of HOUSE impact.

Here's the pool in the back yard. I loved the gradual entry steps and the water fall.

I totally fell in love with this dining room furniture (just swap out the glass top table for a matching wood one).

This dining room window had a great view of the ocean in the distance, but I took the photo more for the bottles. I totally stole this idea and did the same thing with one of my windows here at home.

The breakfast bar area in the kitchen. I loved how the cabinets were double sided with glass doors. You could access them from the dinning room side or the kitchen and it let loads of light through (plus that awsome view).

Tyler loved the bathroom with it's HUGE clawfoot tub and the wide open shower with the nice built-in bench. The entire room was tiled - floor, walls, ceiling. A dream come true for a kid who loves to splash.

John really liked the huge den with it's pool table, hidden bar (note the sink, since the bar is closed) and the nice home office setup (you can't see that part off to the right).

The only room in this house I didn't like was the master bedroom. For most, it would be a dream with it's huge windows, awesome view, open access to the huge master bath and loads of sky lights. The room was flooded with light. We HATE that. We have only two windows in our current master bedroom, and that's two too many. We have blackout shades hung and a heavy curtain on top of that. John and I both love to sleep in total darkness. More like a cave, really.

I guess our dream master bedroom would be huge, but windowless. Maybe faux window murals painted on the wall to give the illusion of a great view.

I think most folks have pretty specific taste. They like a certain style of house with only slight variations on that theme. Me? Nope. I have a bunch of styles that I love. Here's a good example:

This was a house I looked at quite a few years ago. I wish I had higher res photos, but the pics were taken with the first digital camera we ever had (it was a door prize and a 1.5 mega-pixel, I think). Very contemporary! I loved the shower so much that I still dream of renovating and adding a glass block shower like that to our current house.

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That first house looks big enough for our stuff, but I like the white one better. Maybe if I sell the movie rights to Spielberg...!
Carly said…
Lovely homes indeed! I agree with you about the shower, I really like the glass bricks. Awesome affect with lighting. :)
Globetrotter said…
Funny. The two homes that you like are totally different architecturally. Back when I sold real estate, you would have been one of those clients that would have driven me nuts becAuse I couldn't figure out what you wanted!

I also like the one in North Carolina and the dining room furniture is very cool!

Laura said…
oh my, that is some house!
Anonymous said…
Great entry....that first house is a gorgeous.
BosieLadie said…
Awesome entry! I love checking out new homes for the ideas you can get for your own home. And, I remember your entry with the photo of your glass jars/vases in your window.
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, that is beautiful. I love Victorian homes in particular, and maybe someday...someday...we might build one (you know, so that it has decent plumbing and no need for asbestos abatement and so forth).
I love the OuterBanks, except for all the hurricanes...those homes are so cool, overlooking the water. I tend to like the more Victorian ones though.
Unknown said…
fantastic houses! I love them!
Anonymous said…
Well you have good taste. The NC house has my tile in the bathroom! and the white house has the same as mine style shower! LOL
Vivian said…
Hi Becky!
I'm catching up over here. These dream homes are wonderful. I love the bathroom with the glass brick wall. My next house will have a mega sized bathroom!

Ty gets cuter every time I see photos of him. Its almost against the law to be that cute!


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